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BoA Cash Rewards v. Travel Rewards 0% promo

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BoA Cash Rewards v. Travel Rewards 0% promo

Does anyone have both of these cards?


I have the cash rewards and plan to get the Travel Rewards eventually, but might not need/want both.


I keep the Cash Rewards for the consistent 0% offers (balance transfers and checks) and the direct deposit up to the full amount of my limit ($25k). Can anyone confirm that BoA offers this for all their cards or just certain ones?


The Travel Rewards rewards match my use more but I would not give up the promos I already use.



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Re: BoA Cash Rewards v. Travel Rewards 0% promo

I don't think there is anything wrong with having two BoA cards. I have two, the CR and BBR cards, and I've considered the BoA travel card because of the no AF and no FTF.


I agree that the CR is great for the BT offers as well as the 3% on gas. So if you want the Travel card as well, I say go for it.

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