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BofA Amex CLI success!

Hello all...


Decided yesterday to pull the trigger on a CLI on my BofA Accel Amex card I've had for over 2 years.  Last increase was in Nov 2008.  Put the info in from the first page and got the usual "Call Us of and Instant Decision!".  Well you know I didn't, ok?  No call from them and this morning I checked my account and they raised it from 7k to 10k.  I PIF this card EVERY month, usually before the statement cuts.  So anyone out there that is thinking about it and your reports and pay history are clean... give it a shot! :smileyvery-happy:

CCs: Chase Freedom World MC 6.9k, CSP VISA Sg 7k, BofA Amex 12.5k, Discover 10.5k, US Bank Cash+ Visa Sg 12.5k, Macy's Amex 8k/1.5k, Gap Visa 10k, Best Buy 11.1k, Citi TY MC 9.2k, Citi AA Amex 6k, Nordstrom Visa Sg 10k, Amex Zync, Costco Amex 12k, BofA CR Visa Sg 17k, Amex BCP 9.5k, Amex Blue 5k, Sears MC 9k, HD 7k, Target 600, Amazon 7k, US Bank MC 15k, US Airways MC 4k, NFL Visa 4k, Patelco Visa 10k, Penfed PR Visa 44.6k, Chase United Visa Sg 13k, Chase Marriott Visa Sg 8k, Citi Simplicity 11.4k, PayPal MC 5k, Compass Visa 4k, WF Visa Sg 14k, FNBO Amex 14.1k, OCCU VISA 15k, TR Visa Sg 10.8k, Capital One QS Visa 3k, FRN MC 12k, HSN 4k, Saks WEMC 10k/4k, Chase Ink 18k, Barclay Arrival 10k, Ebates Visa Sg 8k FICOs as of June '14...EQ 808 TU 804 EX ?
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Re: BofA Amex CLI success!

Congrats, jefftca925!  :smileyhappy:

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Re: BofA Amex CLI success!

Congrats. Same thing happend to me also with couple of my BOA accounts.

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