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BofA won't do product change..

I have a BofA AAA credit card opened in 2006.. It's only this month that I actually am gonna use the card, I called to do product change to world mastercard worldpoints, at first csr told me ok, it's gonna be processed for couple of weeks but we got cut off, I called again and explained the line went dead, it shows the request wasn't made since the previous csr wasn't able to read the disclosure.
 Anyway, I requested it again, this time csr told me it can't be done.. I kept on explaining about the fact that BofA does product change, she agreed but told me not this card they don't.. I gave up and called the backdoor number, asked to speak to senior credit analyst about being bounced around and was sorry about the inconvenience. She explained they can't do a product change on their "affinity" cards such as what I have.. Does anybody had this kind of situation? I have read alot of times about if  not that easy but have been satisfied by a product change..   
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Re: BofA won't do product change..

This is not uncommon for affinity cards:

BoA Product Change - WHAT A MESS

I'm starting to think that the norm is that affinity cards DO NOT convert, and those who have done so got lucky. I've heard that they don't convert from both Citi and Chase. The Chase rep said that it was part of the agreement with the affinity group, as they have some level of ownership (not the right term, best I've got this early in the day) in the card.

About all that you can do is keep trying and hope that you get lucky again. One possibility: call back and innocently ask if they would transfer you to the first CSR you were speaking to, as he/she had mentioned something interesting about another card, blah, blah. Your file should show the names and employee numbers of people you've spoken to before. But the BofA CST network is so vast (and discombobulated) that this might not work either.

Good luck!
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Re: BofA won't do product change..

You probably got disconnected because the csr though, "Oh snap, i just told this guy he could do this product change, and he cant!"   =)
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