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Bye Bye Capital one :)

Happiest credit day. Canceled my Capital One card.


Anyone else had the pleasure?

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)


never had a cap one perse... 


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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Congrats :smileyhappy: when my discover and usaa get here I'm killing capital one and credit one!

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Destroyed  2 of my cards recently, was so happy

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Long way to go ^_^
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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Good for you!!!  I will have the pleasure in December! Planing to close both my Secured card and my No-Hassle Reward card down before the Annual Fees kick in.  TIme to move on and I can't wait! 

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Congrats :smileyhappy: I have closed 1 Cap1 and now waiting for my other limits to surpass my CashBack card, then its gone! 

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

and another one bites the dust!!!

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

congrats,  just axed both of my cards last week.


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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

Not yet :smileysad:


My AAoA is only 5 months, so I'm going to let it wait another year or so before I cancel it.  By then my cash back should be at the $20 mark (I just have my gym membership going to that card now) so I can redeem that and cancel the card without hurting my AAoA too much

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Re: Bye Bye Capital one :)

I would love to, but it really brings up my AAoA since I have had it since 2006. I'm just about to PIF and put it in my sock drawer.

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