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CA Reporting Question

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CA Reporting Question

I had an on-line department store CC that is closed with DOLA of 6/03.  Midland Credit Mgt. took the account and it is reported on my CBR as opened by them on 12/07.  It is my understanding that the SOLA for Calif. is 5 years.  Since the DOLA was 6/03, would the SOL date be 6/08?  Or, when Midland opened a collection account on 12/07, does that alter the SOL date?


Another question--I had two Action Card CC's that were closed a few months ago as they closed all accounts, supposedly.  They were not closed due to inactivity or late payment history.   However, they are reporting on my CBR as "closed at consumers request", which is incorrect.  Does the reason for closure make any difference to my overall credit scores?


Thanks for any help--I appreciate it!


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Re: CA Reporting Question

SOL should be from your DOLA.  The "Date Opened" for the Midland account is the date the collection was opened, not the date of the account was opened.


When was the DOFD?  This is the date for calculating when it should drop from your credit both by the OC and CA.


It is better for it to be "closed by consumer" because this will appear that you chose to close the accounts rather than that the credit grantor took adverse action.  So, I personally would not dispute that point, as long as the accounts correctly report PAID AS AGREED and/or CURRENT.

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Re: CA Reporting Question

thank you txjohn.  the date of DOFD is listed as 11/2003.
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