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CCCs That Blacklist

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CCCs That Blacklist

Not saying blacklists are evil or unjustified, it would be good to have a list of CCCs that blacklist. 


1.  American Express: We all know they do and even AmEx acknowledges the fact that if you have ever caused AmEx a financial loss -- even as AU on an account where the principal cardholder did -- you are blacklisted for life or until you make good on the loss.


2.  CrapOne:  Although it is claimed that they do not, the fact is that they do.


3.  HSBC:  So, apparently, does HSBC.  I have just seen a letter declining an application based on "HSBC Payment History" which seems to refer to a charged-off 1990 CompUSA account.

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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

Macy's has a long memory.
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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

Capitol One blacklists if you had an account from them and cancelled it.
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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

I have an old, paid CO with Cap one.  No new card for me....declined because of past history w/them. 

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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

Great thread... We can have our blacklists too, it works both ways!
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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

-RED wrote:
Great thread... We can have our blacklists too, it works both ways!


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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

I’m not sure there are absolutes.  Ex., a friend burned amex about 10 yrs ago, never paid it off, + was able to get an amex.  I (who also burned amex @ around the same time, for a SMALLER amount) cannot as amex still remembers me.  I’ve read about/know others who have been able to get back in w/amex W/O paying the ccs off.


Capital one- burned them 2x.  never paid it off.  Now have 2 new cap 1 ccs.  When I applied, the chargeoffs were OFF my reports for about 2-3 years.  Have received 2 CLIs each on the new cap 1 ccs.


Hsbc- burned them 4x.  was able to obtain 2 orchards + a best buy reward zone mc with the old hsbc chargeoffs (2 of them anyway) STILL on my reports.  However, I’m apparently blacklisted from CLIs as I’ve only gotten 1 $200 cli in nearly 3 years of having the new orchards (1 is now closed).


Supposedly citi blacklists, but I know people who have gotten back in w/them W/O paying the ccs off.

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Re: CCCs That Blacklist



After Closing an account some time ago, there is not CLI any more, or mail Offer from CAP1



"6. Closing or Suspending Your Account. You may request that your account be closed
by calling or writing our Customer Relations Department. At the time of your request,
we will provide you with additional details on closing your account. This may include
payment information. If you use your credit card or charges post to your account
after you ask us to close your account, we can keep your account open or reopen it.
We may close or suspend your account and your right to obtain credit. We may do
this at any time and for any reason, even if you are not in default. A suspension of
your account can be permanent or temporary. If your account is closed or suspended,
you must stop using your credit card and account. You must also cancel all
preauthorized billing arrangements to the account. We will not do this for you. If we
close or permanently suspend your account, you must also destroy all credit cards
and account access checks. You must still pay all amounts you owe us on the
account, even if they were charged after your account is closed or suspended."

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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

Bank of America has a very long memory too. My college roomate lost his job and defaulted on an MBNA account back at the start of college 15 years ago. BofA purchased MBNA and when it came time to review his account for a credit line increase (thru an analyst) they said it appears you had an account that was never paid with MBNA, a subsidiary of ours. They closed his account then and there and even if it was repaid they told him it was highly unlikely they would ever offer him credit again and they made thinly veiled threats that his checking/savings and IRA accounts could be closed too. It seems they can close whenever and for whatever reason strikes them if they take the notion. That account hasnt even reported in almost 10 years but it seems internally they keep track if you have burned them. I say leave those big banks alone and let them fail on their own. Get a credit union and be good to them, if you burn a credit union.... leave town Smiley Happy
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Re: CCCs That Blacklist

I'm having that same issue with Bank of America for an MBNA card I had from college and was c/o'd in I think 98 or 99. I bank with BofA and have been trying to get the 99/500 and kept wondering why they wouldn't offer it to me, and then was like "ohhhhh, the MBNA card".
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