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So on or around the 10th of September, that’s right September! I applied for a Citi credit card, I got the 7-10 days message and called. They told me they needed a copy of my SS card to verify identity..weird but turns out this is legit if you have a short history.


So I do this, they receive all my info on the 21st of September and tell me about a week and we will have your decision. A week later I call again, still haven’t heard anything and they tell me to call back on Monday (this was a Friday)


On Monday I call again..still nothing "call us back on Wednesday"


I call..guess what...."Please call back Friday" its Friday..I decide I'm going to wait till Tuesday (Today) and guess what?


"Call us back…Sometime!" At this point im pretty frustrated because they have all the info(And have had it for about two weeks now) .

I ask Peggy to transfer me to the underwriting department so I can find out what’s going on. Peggy refuses saying there is a backlog of applications and I should just call back…intermittently.


First time I have ever heard of a refusal to transfer to the underwriting department, in fact when I got the 7-10 day message they had no problem transferring me!


This is starting to become really annoying.American Express had no issues with my application and gave me an instant approval, Im starting to think of just calling them and telling them to shove it, my business goes only to AMEX. Atleast Peggy doesn't work for AMEX Smiley Mad

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Re: CITI Bank is SLOW

Eeek.. even further evidence that I should not app for a Citi card...!!!  Yeah, even with Amex having to verify info., they approved me right over the phone.. it was SO EASY!!!


Every CSR I spoke with at Citi when I was considering applying was FOREIGN, except the extremely rude Credit Analyst. :-(


Good luck to you!!

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Re: CITI Bank is SLOW

Heck atleast you got to an analyst!! Its been almost a month now since I applied, very frustrating!

Granted I'm still young (21) And have a limited history of 9 months but I just don't see the reason for the delay, if AMEX approved me so easily for a NPSL card and and my first card from my local bank has a limit of 1.5k, Im so confused as to they their being so difficult for a student card! Just tell me yes or no lol


Maybe I should just try agian later today and immediatly ask to get to the underwriting department. Does anyone have experiance with them? Theres no number so I would have to be transfered there...granted not all Peggys are the same so I might get lucky.


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