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I recieved a offer in the mail from CITI for the Diamond Preferred (I am in the garden untill Jan 2013 though!).  This is my first offer for a Prime card, have been workin on getting my credit back to good standing.  The wierd part is I am still at a 685 (ex), not sure of my other scores, though I did recently get my NFCU Nrewards bumped to 7.5k and got a NFCU Signature (5k) card.  My score should be in the 700's by Jan 2013, several factors are playing into the score increaes (INQ's, AGE, Loan).  My question for the boards is has anyone app'ed and been denied or approved after getting this offer in the mail?  I figured it would be still a few more months before any good offers would be coming my way.  Thanks.

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Re: CITI DP Offer

*ok, one bump*

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Re: CITI DP Offer

I got the same offer when my EX FICO was 630. I wouldn't put much stock in the offer.

EQ FICO 548 3/3/16
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Re: CITI DP Offer

I've received a couple mail offers for this card in the past month or so, too.  Based on my current FICOs (TU 621, EQ 648), I was kind of surprised to be getting offers for what looks like a very high-end card.  However, I looked on, and it seems like plenty of people with mid-600 FICOs were getting approved.  I took a closer look at the card on, and I realized that it has no rewards; the only real perk is the concierge service.  In today's CC market, with so many cards offering great rewards, that's got to be a pretty tough sell.


I still might apply for one.  After all, there's no AF, and it's a damn fine looking card.

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Current Score (8/28/13): EQ: 691 EX: 706 TU: 700
Goal Score: 700

Discover it $4,500 (02/2001); Amex PRG (Backdated to 01/2006); Amex ZYNC (Backdated to 07/2006); Wells Fargo Cash Back Visa $5,500 (12/2011); Citi Diamond Preferred MC $2,000 (07/2012); B of A Cash Rewards Visa Signature $5,000 (02/2013)

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Re: CITI DP Offer

I am looking to do the 0% financing in Jan, off-load a loan onto it and have it paid in 9 months (18months is the 0% offer, just need 9 though).  I still have almost 6 months before I pull the trigger on the offer, so good that the offer is coming this way. Hopefully they approve me in JAN.

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Re: CITI DP Offer

Citi Simplicity is better for BT/intro APR. DP is mainly for those who want concierge service.

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Re: CITI DP Offer

I recently got a visa signature (has the service) and still have yet to use it, though the AF will easily be paid and I do enjoy the points I am getting back in my member's mall.  Majority of the things the service can provide, I can easily do myself...maybe one day there will be a need for it though.  The simplicity does look like the way for me to go in JAN.

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