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CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

I checked my accounts and BOA Master Card and FIA Amex Card CLD my accounts to $100 above current balance, FIA from $7100 to $2100. BOA from $7100 to $1200 making it $100 each above current balance. Also they reported to CRA's before even the statment cut. Now two accounts looks like maxed out. They have reported to EX and other two probably would update in the next couple of days. That probably would tank my scores. I have already paid the payment of $2000 K on FIA Card and I'll pay $1100 on BOA Card to bring the balance down to $0. I am surprised they did this to me . Never late and always on time payment. Should I call them and ask them to reinstate my old credit limit? Did any had any luck with BOA and FIA with Recon?.
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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

I did, but I just had the standard cut-in-half CLD. I had to vaguely promise that I would think really, really hard about using their current BT offer for me and would need the CL back.

Now that the BT offer expired (end of May), I wouldn't be terribly surprised to see another CLD.

Your situation sounds more like "chasing the balance", though. :smileysad: I hope you can work something out!
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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

They CLD and reported to CRA's. It looks like I have maxed out on two accounts with $3400 balance with CL of $3600. That is going to tank my scores. But I have other accounts with $0 balance and at least available credit of good size. I have already paid off FIA Card and it is payment pending state. Should update by tomorrow. BOA Card I normally use it for charging my hotel stay so I can get rewards points. I just charged $1100 on Tuesday on it. I am paying it off that also now. I am bit tired of having to call these people and beg them to reinstate or restore CL's. I always PIF and never carry balance. I keep sufficient savings.  I'll go back to start using my Debit Card. I need to see which debit card gives best rewards and start using that card.
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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

After they're paid off, you might be able to call and ask them to report again.
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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

I had FIA/BofA accounts CLD me for 25-33% right after I payed good chunk of my balance. Not surprising as BofA is cutting down on their risk. I called them back and they mentioned some incoherent reason for CLD and stated that they would reinstate old CL if I bring down number of cards with utilization to 3 (I have 5 cards with utilization now).


I asked if I should see further CLD if I pay down the rest of the balance and the answer was "no", which doesn't mean much.

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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

They did CLD me also right after I paid off a cash advance...called customer service and they restored the complete line of credit and recently converted my worldpoints visa to amex...I recently applied and received

several new credit cards because of this...I was completely happy with avail credit before this happened but didn't want to wait to see if it happened again and got several large lines of credit as backups...I also pay my balances in full every month which in my opinion shouldn't matter but it does...

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Re: CLD on BOA / FIA Cards

They CLD'ed me a few weeks ago from $18.1K to $9.5K, and I called and spoke to three different people before they reinstated my original CL (one guy said he can't; one guy said to call back when I actually needed it; the third guy said ok, asked for a bunch of financial information from me, and poof, it was back), and then they reported my balance, which was $7!


Here's my rule with asking for something from any company, including credit card companies (as long as what you're asking for is reasonable): if you don't like they answer someone gives you, hang up and wait 5 minutes, then call again.  Repeat as needed.


About two weeks ago, I had a payment returned for my Discover card (stupid me forgot to transfer the money into the ING account).  I was assessed a $35 return payment fee.  I called and asked for it to be reversed, stating that I've never been delinquent. "I can't reverse it because it looks like it was already reversed.  You'll see it on your account in one to two billing cycles."  B--S--, I thought, and called back.  "It'll be off immediately, and post to your account at midnight."  Next morning, still on there, called one more time.  "I see it on here, I'll remove it for you.  Thank you for being a good customer."  By the next day, it was gone.

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