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CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

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CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

I looked around and could not find the answer.

When requesting CLI with those that use a soft pull, when CC Company's use the soft pull are they still looking at UTL rate ? Balance info, low ? high ? Inquires ?


Are looking at everything the same way as they would with a Hard Pull ? Or ?


Do they score using FICO or ?


Just trying to figure out if FICO of EQ at 714 with 20%UTL is adaquate and will be seen with a soft pull or should I wait a few more weeks until FICO UTL is less than 10% and score is higher ?


I am trying hard to figure this all out.


Thank you

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Re: CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

The longer you wait and the lower you can get your utilization the better. So, if you are up for waiting a month and getting down as low as you can, then the better off you will be.


It is my understanding that, what the bank see's via HP or SP depends on what they are willing to pay for. They can see a great summary with a soft pull if they pay for it, but HPing you makes it so you have less options for credit elsewhere. It is their choice whether to HP or not for CLI. I would try to get that score up over 720, then try for the CLI.

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Re: CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

That's an interest point. I am not sure of what they can see with the SPs. Hence my interest in the topic.

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Re: CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

Good question. I think soft inquires are just to verify your identity and maybe payment history.

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Re: CLI - Results on Soft Pull Questions ? ?

Found this in an older post, here is what a lender sees in a soft pull (assuming this is accurate) 


Report Results
*********** Data Date: ********* Data Source: **********
Address Elements Were Unavailable or not Utilized.
Method: **********
Name: ************
SSN: ***************
DOB: // DLN: N State:
Name: ****************
Date Of Birth: **************
Current Address: *******************
Date Reported: ******* Rent/Own/Buy:
Former Address: *****************************
Date Reported: *********** Rent/Own/Buy:
Employer: ***************
Credit SSN: ********** SSN Verified: Age:
Inquiry SSN: ************ Issue Year: **** Issue State: **
Death Year: Death State:
Score Model: *****
Score: ***
1: (*****) Percent of Bank Installment Accounts Versus Total Accounts Reported in the Past 12 months
2: (*****) Percent of Credit Union Accounts Versus Total Accounts Reported in the Past 12 Months
3: (*****) Percent of Department Store Accounts Versus Total Accounts Reported in the Past 12 months
4: (*****) Number of Accounts with Past Due Notices

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