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CLI on Amex BCE

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Re: CLI on Amex BCE

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OhioCPA wrote:
I believe the system tells you 3X up to 25K. So while 28.5K wouldn't exceed 3X it would exceed the 25K limit.

I know, hence the technically. I'm only going to ask for 21.5K. Smiley Happy

Wouldn't asking for 21.5K increase your 9.5K limit to 30K, which exceeds the 25K limit?


And to make sure that I understand what to request on my 2K card, I'm going to ask for 6K, which will increase my limit to 8K, right? Are there any tips or strategies related to assuring that you get approved for the 61 day CLI? I'd assume that charging as much as I can sensibly afford and paying that in full each month would be the best idea... and keeping your other accounts in low utilization of course.

NO... If you have a 2K card you can ask for a total credit line of 6K (an increase of $4000)  6k is 3x your current 2k credit limit, and that is the max.  Do not ask for 8K or you will get denied.

Have you had any issues with getting cli's with Amex due to the number of your tradelines?

Was this question for me?  If so, then no. I only applied for the BCP once and was approved for $4900 to start.  I added the Freedom and the Forward the day after I was approved for the BCP.

Amex BCP 02/12 $1200/$14700, Citi Forward 2/12 $4800/$7000, Chase Freedom 2/12 $2200/$7000, GECRB/QVC 03/11 $0/$2700, WFCB/HSN 03/11 $0/$2000, Cap 1 NHCR 04/10 $0/$1500, Cap 1/Kohls 11/10 $0/$1000, Citi Simplicity 08/11 $0/$1000, WFNNB/KingSize 11/10 $116/$900, Citi/Sunoco 04/10 $0/$800, Citi/Home Depot 10/11 $0/$1500, SunTrust Auto Loan 11/10 $39,376/$47,914 RECENTLY CLOSED: HSBC/Orchard 04/09 $0/$700, HSBC/BBRZMC 04/11 $0/$500...

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