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AMEX- Approved PRG Charge and BCP-10K Denied Mercedes Revolver, wait 6 months is what she advised 


Chase/Ritz- 7.5K 


I AM SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The analyst didnt even mention taking limit from CSP!



Will I need to "garden" now? How do I join?








UPDATE!!! APPROVED FOR CSP INSTANT!!!! Amex in review, and Ritz 7-10 days.....



I recently refreshed my FICOs after paying off my mortgage last month, did so today. I am interested in apping for Amex BCP/PRG, CSP, Amex Mercedes Revolver (I am going to lease one soon) and the Ritz Carlton card.





Amex was a member in 1981 closed account in 2007 was a Gold charge card still reports on all 3 CRs in Good standing I closed the account.


AAoA for TU 7yr 2mnths FICO (per myfico) 788, Oldest account 19 years, UTL-18% (i know taking advantage of a 0% APR for a recent cartier watch purchase)

No baddies, No BK never defaulted, never late, no C/O 4inqs in past 6 months-2 were for new Cell Service



EQ-Well appartently I am locked out due to a mixed file, have a smiliar SSN to my brother and its causing issues with EQ


EX- 770 AAoA 10 yr, Oldest account 29 years, still open too...just never used, 2 inqs both in October new Money Market Account with Wells Fargo, and the other was for Life insurance policy that needed to be renewed.


Income 130k (Will sign 4506-T before even applying with AMEX, I have nothing to hide)


Mortage just recently paid in full, last payment made was $49,000

UTL-9% for some reason the promotional card is not reporting on EX.



Sorry for such a long post. With the above stats do I have any chance at the cards listed? Would really like the BCP/MB Revolvers or CSP/Ritz-Though I am sure Ritz is a long shot. I stay often though and can justify the annual fee. I am concerned with INQs as Chase loves to pull TU in my area. AMEX obviously EX. Since EQ is locked no one will be pulling, sad too its my highest FICO. *was pending consumer relations fixing the file again and mergering it with my brother!



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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

I think you more than have a shot for those cards just given your stats. I would say pick whichever one you want and go get it! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Don't see how you'd have any problem getting both the CSP and BCP with your stats. I wouldn't be surprised to see if you got some big CLs to boot. 


What were the two other INQs for? Any recent CC denials? Why did you close the gold charge card? I see you listed in being interested in a PRG... do you really mean that or do you mean Amex SPG? 

FICOs: TU 775 | EQ 784 | EX 773
Amex BCE $15,000 | Discover IT $11,600 | Chase Freedom $7,000 (Visa Sig) | Citi DoubleCash $6,000 (WEMC) | Chase AARP $6,000 | Barclaycard CashForward $4,000 | Barclaycard Rewards $2,000 | Capital One Quicksilver $1,750
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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

The Inq on Transunion were for adding a line to Verizon Wireless, and extending 3 more for Tmobile for my kids. Verizon pulled 2 times!! Tmobile Once! Then opening a savings account with my local credit union.


I closed it out of anger, I was upset with a CSR and didn't like the supervisor response either to an issue with my points that I was not credited. Needless to say it was acrimonious and I am afraid they may remember me being a "nasty, rude" member. Smiley Indifferent 


The EX are Wells Fargo MMA (upset they pulled credit for a deposit account) and of course switching life insurance company which resulted in HP. 


I just am worried Chase is INQ sensitive, AMEX may remember and have internal remarks about me (paranoid)


In the end I just want CSP from Chase, AMEX Mercedes or BCP but also the PRG Charge card....Asking too much? 


Thanks guys

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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Your INQs are not new credit accounts -- so that should be no problem at all for these people. Seriously, you would be approved for all of the above you've mentioned.
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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Welcome to the forum. Your inq's are not high by any means ESP based on your AAOA. Chase is excellent recon and I'm sure that Amex won't have notes about your 'rudeness' lol.

You haven't listed your current cc's but assuming you have existing CL's you should be fine for all 3 or 4.
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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

You know I may just do it, my reports are locked what's there to lose? 



Going to unlock EX and TU...That order should I apply? Do you think AMEX will pull both? No more apps for 3 years after this if it works. I don't want AAoA going down for toy limits that AMEX seems to be giving. Should I do Mercedes Revolver, BCP then Charge or Charge, Revolvers? Chase should I push my luck with both cards or just app with one-Travel often but stay often at Ritz too....both cards would be worth the fees.



I just don't like the INQs...UTL is a bit high too from what I have read on these boards. Decisions.....Takes an hour to unlock reports anyway so I guess no rush

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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Yes current CLs on cards are



Barclays Gcnomy/Green bank card-$17K 

Wells Fargo Platinum-12K (newest one opened in 2011)


Saks Worldelite-7K


Penfed Promise-10k (one that I charged the cartier on)

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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Chase may give you a 7-10 day response for two apps in one day. The Amex starting limit shouldn't be a concern ESP with the 3x CLI policy. Your AAOA should be fine based on your previous experience with Amex

App for the cards you want first,then go from there. The only thing you may have to deal with is verifying you are doing multiple apps.
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Re: CSP? BCP? MB? Ritz?

Ok to be more judicious app this way? AMEX-BCP/PRG charge 

Chase-CSP and if I get the 7-10 call in tomorrow and ask if I can get the Ritz too?







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