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Cancelled my Orchard Card

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Cancelled my Orchard Card

After calling every number I could find they told me that my Orchard Card will NEVER be changed from a secured to an unsecured card and that they would keep my $250 until I cancelled the account.  So i cancelled the account.  Many other things I could use that money for and it has no effect whatsoever on AAoA.


Never?  Meh it already did what I needed it to do and I have a $1500 limit with Cap One, store cards with lane Bryant and Macys, a car loan and a Chase card with a $1000 limit.  I will be taking out a secured loan with Alliant in the next couple of days also, that oughto do it, right?

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Re: Cancelled my Orchard Card

Congrats on that.Once upon a time I did the same thing with Orchard served a purpose and time to more on.....
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Re: Cancelled my Orchard Card

Orchard cards are a tool with a short term purpose, usually lasting from 12 to 24 months.  Beyond that they are an unnecessary expense (AF and tied up savings) that you are better served by other issuers or banks, most especially a good credit union.


I cannot stress the value of good CU's enough.  Had I started my builder years out at a CU, I would have cut, IMO, at least 2 years off of my come back (not including the drop of BK at 10)


FYI:  I too dumped Orchard.

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