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Cap1 billing question on my CC

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Re: Cap1 billing question on my CC

I'm 100% sure it would be $0

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Re: Cap1 billing question on my CC

I have an autopayment set up for Cap1 every month before my due date.

Also, I think it will report $0 as well. The statement seems to cut at the end of that last business day. Or at least it has in the minimal amount of time I have paid attention.

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Re: Cap1 billing question on my CC

Statement was finally available online.  It did in fact show the ZERO balance, HURRAY!


Out of my 10 cards, I'll only have two (Walmart Discover and NFCU) cards that will report a balance.  NFCU will have total UTIL of 32% and Walmart will be 14%.  My total UTIL will be around 15%.  Next month I'll have total UTIL below 10% and my NFCU will be under 30%. (I still have my Discover It that hasnt generated its first statement so that CL isnt helping my UTIL right now.

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Re: Cap1 billing question on my CC

Duncanrr wrote:

Forgot I had a $14.95 charge on my Cap1 card.  I paid it tonight but it was after 5:00 pm so the payment will be processed tomorrow.  My statement cuts tomorrow (1/24/13).  So the question is what balance will my card report? $14.95 or Zero!


Kicking myself for not checking this sooner but I didnt think I had any charges on the card (I had PIF the card about 8 days ago and hadnt used it since.)

I also have a Capone card and if I remember correctly, if you pay after 5:00 pm, the payment will be processed midnight of the next day.  I'm not sure what time the statement cuts though.

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