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Cap1 is silly...

I had a 7 yo Cap1 CO from a corporate CC I was a 'joint' signer on.

I asked my lawyer to contact them and offer a settlement in the amount of the original charge-off ($336), or, if necessary, the additional interest/fees (+ $1,500) to get the item off my report early.

They said no, and no we won't removed (1-3 months early!) if you pay in full plus interest.

So what is motivation to pay? Take a huge hit in scores? Pay 6 years of interest and penalties just to get a 7 year old CO updated to recent?

I'm trying to work with them here but...
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Re: Cap1 is silly...

Let'em eat it.
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Re: Cap1 is silly...

Dont do nothing if they not trying to work with you. After i disputed them on my report they started adding interest and they got all the way to 3000 dollars when original balance was like 750. But i just disputed them off my transunion they were suppose to be off in sept 09 and they were still on it just got them deleted. Also they off equifax and experian suppose to drop off in february 10. The funny thing they sent me a invitation for a card.
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Re: Cap1 is silly...

Just wanted to point out that this thread is almost sixteen months old...
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Re: Cap1 is silly...

smallfry wrote:
Let'em eat it.




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Re: Cap1 is silly...

Yeah they just sent me a reminder that     -  $0.00 is due  xx/xx/xxxx   I was like...............rriiiight. lol
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Re: Cap1 is silly...

haulingthescoreup wrote:
Just wanted to point out that this thread is almost sixteen months old...

Thanks for the reminder to check dates. I'll catch myself reading very old posts and feeling VERY silly.

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