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Cap1 won't update CR??

Cap1 won't update CR??

My Furniture Row by Cap1 is paid off, but I talked with a representative yesterday and she told me that I won't get a January statement online

since I paid off my balance. Is this usual? To not get a statement or some document verifying I paid off the balance?


Only reason I'm asking is because I'm wondering when it's going to update on my CR's? It was at a 580 balance before the 4th, and

the statements usually cut at the 16th or 17th, which is today. Should I wait to see if they update?

From what she was telling me, it didn't sound they would be giving me anything to see that I've paid off the balance.

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Re: Cap1 won't update CR??

the last few months i had my cap1 every statement balance was zero, but it continued to update on my credit reports. got an online statement every month too.

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Re: Cap1 won't update CR??

It's not strange to not be sent a statement with a $0 balance, I'm just surprised you wouldn't get one with your final payment on it.

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Re: Cap1 won't update CR??

Well back last December, I see my statements were cutting on the 19th, and then mid year 2012 they started cutting the 15th or 16th, so I may just wait two more days and see if I receive a statement.

I'm really wanting to apply for a Chase Freedom offer I have and was wanting my zero balance to update on my report.