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Capital One CLI -Surprise

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Capital One CLI -Surprise

I have called Cap One several times over the past 3 months to see if my Visa rewards card ($1800 CL) and my M/C ($1000.00) were eligible for an increase.  The answer was always a decline.  I called just last weekend, got the same message.. even got the letter in the mail a few days ago.  I logged into my account tonight and was VERY surprised to see a $1500.00 CLI - it took me a while to really believe what I was looking at.  My credit scores are probably in the low 600's.  I wonder if the increase had anything to do with my transferring a large balance over to my Visa, which I finally paid down to zero last month.  My M/C was almost maxed before I got this CLI. In fact, I was (still am) going to transfer the M/C balance to my credit union Visa, which has a very, very low interest rate.  Oh, I have had these cards for 2.5 years and both were on the credit steps plan. I think over a six month period the Visa went from $500.00 to $1800.00 and has been there ever since.  The M/C started out at $500.00 too and could have gone up to $1500.00, but I went over my CL one month, so they did not give me my last CLI.   Wow, $1500.00 from Cap One.  This is the first CLI I have gotten from a major credit card company since 2008.  I do not even bother calling HSBC about my Discover and M/C! Smiley Happy

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Re: Capital One CLI -Surprise

Congrats on the CLI! Smiley Happy


Lenders seem to suddenly get in the giving mood this time year!


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Re: Capital One CLI -Surprise

Hi, I got my first card from capital one no one else would give me on, it was 300.00 in Aug 2010, now only a few months later they sent me another card with a 500.00 limit so I am happy with them. Congrats.
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Re: Capital One CLI -Surprise

got a 300 increase on a capital one secured card yesterday as well!!!  now only if orchard bank would start making progress

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Re: Capital One CLI -Surprise

I just spoke to my mom, Cap1 increased her limit by $800 yesterday on her Classic Platinum Visa. I checked my 2 cards, no increase Smiley Sad

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Re: Capital One CLI -Surprise

I logged on today not thinking about getting a CLI i saw my credit limit and didnt really noticed it until i look at it closely and noticed capital one gave me a $1000 CLI this is my second CLI in the past 4 months im extremely pleased with capital one! they are great!!!

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