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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Yeah, I guess my point was that you only get that one increase and their customer service sucks. I do not know how they offer credit in a crunch. I would like an example of that? How would you even escalate an inquiry? Do they just transfer the call from India to Budapest?  None of the people I ever talked with over the phone could speak english very well either, it was easier to understand Dick Clark as an emcee at his last televised New Years show. 

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

I spoke with a CSR over the weekend about this program, and she confirmed its 1 increase. I have a card that started at 500, and at the 7th statement will go to 750. I just PIF and likely wont use it for a while. My plan would be to look to convert that card to their cash rewards after 1 year

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Not sure if I'm enrolled in the program or not.  I have a Capitolone Platinum that had a 1k credit limit initially then was increased to 1.5k after six months.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

Sign onto your cap one account, then go into statements/documents. If you are, you'll see a nice little letter, that corresponds with the date of issuance.

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Re: Capital One Credit Steps Program

ITs one step these days, If CapOne adopted the CLI every 6 months of perfect behaviour policy they would improve everyones oppinion of them by 10,000%. Even if the CLI was only 10 or 20% it would be awesome might even decide to keep my capone rewards card and its $39 a year AF, but currrently  the card feeds the shredder in MAY when the AF is due unless they waive the AF.  Perhaps even if they do waive the fee. 

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