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Capital One (Income verification?)

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Re: Capital One (Income verification?)

SunriseEarth wrote:

JustJen wrote:

Even though they never increase my CL, even when I tried through the executive's been awhile so I figured I would try hitting the button on the website. I got the dreaded you'll receive a response in the mail so I just figured it was another denial. I almost didn't even open the letter once it arrived, but it turns out it was a request for income verification from them via USPS before they will make a final decision. Anyone else ever had to do this with capital one? If so, what were the results?

I just received this letter.  I requested a CLI through the EO...figured I'd request 3x my current CL.   I received a letter asking for income verification.   I will get a recent earning statement when I return to work on Monday and fax to them.   Wish me luck!

Old thread alert! lol


Good luck, Sunrise!

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