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Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

The other one is my business credit card. It is due on the 9th, but they give you until the 12th. That one is with JP morgan chase.

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.


Wolf3 wrote:



When you made your payment on Capital One, you should have seen this at the bottom of the page.    Since you did it before 5 pm ET, you are on time.




Payment submitted onPosts to accountFunds available
Monday-Saturdaybefore5:00 p.m ET
(2:00 p.m PT)
Same day by midnight




Thanks, I saw that, the pending payment page says it is processing it and now I do not have the option to calcel it.


Also the minimum due has now become $0 as opposed to $10 before.


phew! this is the closest I have got to duedates.

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

I keep a spreadsheet tracking all of our CCs and regularly update the info every few days. On Mondays, I'll pay all CCs due for that week and will enter the info on my cell for future dates so I'll get texted. Some of the Mondays are the actual CC due date. I know I've paid CapOne on the actual due date (by the time posted) and have been AOK. Now I have on two ocassions that I know of paid late on other CCs. I'd pay on time per that date, but I remember once that Target had a cut off time of 4pm Eastern. I paid at 4:10pm and was charged a late fee. They later reversed it without asking and there was no late hit.

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

that was close! try keeping tabs either at home, work or on your phone. i bought the pageonce app and it sends u reminders a few days before your payment is due and u have instant access to you accounts, def. recommend that

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

My recomendation is to pay twice a month.   I make the minimum plus a little shortly after the statement closes.   Then I PIF before the due date.    Usually on the payday closest to the due date.  That way if something happens, I am still not late.    

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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

If you have a bank that does not apply a late fee immediately on a credit card I am surprised and I guess that is the exception that makes the rule- since late fees are a huge Profit center for the credit card industry and...the fee structures were not impacted as much as other revenue centers in the new credit card rules.


In my experience If you make a payment "one day late"-and I mean one day- you can usually call customer service and ask for a courtesy credit of the fee. They say one time but I think its annually.  I have done that with both Cap One and Chase. you may have to escalate. rebuilder "bad credit cards" are NOT at all open to this. It has been rumored that since the new rules took effect they are less willing to do this. I do not know.

I also once in August 2010 underpayed my minimum at Cap one by $5.00. They put a hold on the acccount and i did not even know I had done it. I called them and explained how I had hit the wrong number (4 instead of 9) on the online bill pay and that I had immediately scheduled a larger payment and they credited me my fee and unlocked my card.


granted I have no idea what doing that does to your internal history with them, but hey I will take my $39.00 back.



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Re: Capital One - Payment on the duedate.

FWIW, I'd recommend screen-shotting the confirmation screen when you pay online, especially when you're down to the wire like this. They vary, but it should look something like this:


Today is Monday, November 01, 2010 9:58:09 AM ET.

Your transaction is complete.   Confirmation #: 9367201 Confirmation Time: 9.57.17 Eastern Transfer From: USAA checking - xxxx
Account Type: Checking\Money Market
Account Number: ***xxxx
Institution: USAA FEDERAL SAVINGS B Transfer To: American Express - yyyy
Amount Due: $0.00
Last Statement Balance: $0.00
Current Balance: $727.56 Amount: $727.56
Transfer Date: 11/1/2010 Frequency: One-Time


It keeps the confirmation number for the payment, the account it came from, the account it's applied to, the amount, and the date and time. I use them for every online payment or other financial transaction. I keep them for a month (or more as you can see for this one, lol), until it shows up on a statement.


I keep mine on Stickies, the Mac version of Notes on Windows. On these, the font from the actual confirmation shows.


The cut-off time for timely payment varies by bank, unless the new CC law requires that it's now midnight for all of them (not sure about this.) At any rate, it used to vary by bank --some were midnight, others were 5 pm, others were noon, and so forth. And you need to note the time zone for the deadline as well.


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