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Capital One Quicksilver??


Capital One Quicksilver??

Hello I called backdoor number about my cli on the card and it was declined cause I was in the credit steps so in Oct 2013 I can cli Again
And she said my account looks good and she can upgrade my account to quicksilver 1.5 cash back and Accect the offer is this quicksilver MC Good?? I had the capital one no hassle rewards card $750 limt
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Re: Capital One Quicksilver??



The MasterCard version you're talking about is actually called the QuicksilverOne... which is different from Quicksilver.


The most serious change is there is a $39 AF instead of No AF. You have charge over $2500 a year on this card JUST to break even! 


As far as sign-up perks... The Visa version gives a bonus $100 after spending $500 over 3mo (compared to No bonus with the MC version) and instead of 0% APR until August 2014, it's only May 2014. 


Unless you can get a real Quicksilver w/no AF... I wouldn't touch it. 

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver??

No it's a Quicksilver No AF For Excellent Credit $1.5 Cash Back Is This a Bad idea Are is this card no good I see a lot of people getting it?
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Re: Capital One Quicksilver??

I just spoke to Capital One and the offered me the Quicksilver.  It seemed like a good deal to me, can't wait to get my new card.

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Re: Capital One Quicksilver??

Did u get a Visa Are Master cause when I called they said no AF and the visa has no AF and the MasterCard Has a 39 AF So!! Can't wait to see what it looks like
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