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Capital One Situation

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Re: Capital One Situation

anewday, what is the "new balance due" for this billing statement?  If it is say..$150 try to pay that 150 in full, if you can't pay the new balance due you will have to call them, they will make you pay 1/2 one week and 1/2 before the new billing cycle. Please try your best to pay them before your new billing cycle because they will screw you, they did this to me for 3 years my 5k balance did not go down because of all the fees and apr. I just paid them in full in august, i suffered with them a long time. good luck!
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Re: Capital One Situation

ANewDay wrote:
I recently brought my own home.  I was looking into "Prosper" around the same time.  To date, I only have one cc "Capital One" and medical bills from a 7 day stay in the hospital following a visit to the emergency room visit in which I was diagnosed with several things.  They chose to treat me for 7 days.  I worked with a very savvy pre-qualification individual and was able to achieve the ultimate dream of homeownership.  AT this time I am two months in, but I chose to not pay COne for about two months.  First they sent me a collection letter, and I said okay now I can work toward paying the balance.  Then another month goes by and they are now sending me a regular bill, [only $300 worth of credit] with atleast $100.00 worth of late fees, etc.  So now they have the balance to about $500.00.
Any thoughts on how to handle this wonderful company, and not loose my sanity in the process.  In reality I know that everyone needs atleast one major card, but how do I let them know I need them but stop all of these fees being added to just run up a bill on their end.  Please let me know.  Thank you for your time in reviewing this question.......................
Also, of course by the time I got my thoughts and business together to apply with Prosper for a loan to tie up some loose ends, and do a little roofing work on the house, they said that I did not meet the qualifications, meaning my score was too low to apply.   ......Thanks Again

Question for you?  You said that you chose not to pay them for two months, why?  Was the payment too much?
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