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Capital One Update Income Info

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Capital One Update Income Info

Hey all, not sure if this is a new feature or not but when I logged into my Capital One account just now it asked me if I wanted to update my account info, including income and employment status. I noticed when I clicked on the link that they had no income or employment status for me listed whatsoever. Of course, there's no guarantee that they really don't have my information on file but I updated it ASAP anyway to account for my most recent W2 statement (which is higher than when I first applied for my two cards).


Probably not related to everyone with sub-prime CapOne cards not being able to get an increase outside of the EO but wanted to mention it just in case maybe they're starting to evaluate non-prime accounts again.

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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

It's been there for a little while, but now they're pushing it once you log in.

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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

I've noticed the option before, but I never got it pushed on a login. 


I wonder if that has been the secret to CLIs all along. Smiley Tongue 

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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

I'm betting it's an inside tool to "weed out" the candidates for "beyond frontline service."

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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

It just asked me mine too.
And it specifically said something about eligibility for clis.
Chances are, they are doing it for the CARD Act or Dodd-Frank.
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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

Same here.. also said they can use this information for credit line increases.. one can hope!

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Re: Capital One Update Income Info

I just logged in hoping they will offer me a CLI from 2250 to 10k or so, nothing Smiley Sad


I will check a few weeks later. I have NOT used my C1 for more than 2 years now.

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