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Capital One gardening

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Capital One gardening

Can someone please clarify for me the optimal way to get the most of of a Capital One CC with paying just in time to get the best utilization...


So from what I understand there is a timeline involved with credit cards...


Card issued -> Statement generated -> Info Reported -> Due Date of previous Bill -> Second statement generated -> Info Reported....


My card is soon to get its second statement generated. My due date for its first bill is Oct 17. I managed to get proper 10% utilization reported on the first report, but now I am getting cross eyed with trying to figure this out...


When is the best time to pay the bill so that you low balance reported? How do I know when my statements are generated? What is the diff between the statement generated date and due date?



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Re: Capital One gardening

You need to pay the blance down on your statement closing date. You can find that out by calling Cap1. Your due date is different from your closing date.

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Re: Capital One gardening

So they report AFTER statement closing date?

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Re: Capital One gardening

Called Cap 1. They said they report 4 days after the closing date, which is not true, because my closing date is 20th and last month my stuff got reported on the 21st to EX, 22nd to EQ and 24 to TU... So I guess its safe to say that best to pay the balance down 2 days prior to statement closing date and wait with using the card, until i see that it had reported.

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Re: Capital One gardening

To put it simply, they report what is on your statement regardless of how many days afterwards it is.  Anything you do not want reported, have it paid off (whatever percentage you choose - optimal, according to these boards it under 10%) BY the statement date.

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Re: Capital One gardening

Yep. Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying it. Now that I have set my Mint reminders I am going to be ok. Smiley Wink


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