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Capital One now officially rocks!

I once thought Capital One to be a crappy card company that I was unfortunatly associated with.  I have two cards from them have asked for increased credit limits (both have a line for $500) and have been shot down over and over again.  However, (I love this board) yesterday I started looking thorugh all the forums (im officially obsessed with myfico) and I see backdoor numbers.....interesting I said.  So I look for capital one and here are all these numbers I could use.  I copied  all of the numbers into word and said....."tomorrow I will call for an increase".  I'm a good client not perfect but I usually pay my bill on time and Im not overlimit so to make a long story short I call regular # (on back of card) for capital one customer service to see when was the last date noted on my acct (couldnt sleep)in which I was late.  She tells me oct 06 so Im thinking great I should get a credit increase that was a while ago so my dumb behind asks her (in the heat of the moment) for a credit increase.  She goes through the process (some lady who told me she was in India) and denies me she did the whole script thing which got me pissed but whatever.  I went to bed upset and woke up this morning and saying  C1 sucks.  SO I got the nerve and called this backdoor # ( couldnt stop thinking about it)from the backdoor list just now 877-513-9959 and explained to the rep Joyce (who didnt read off a script) the situation and she told me and I quote "dont ever listen to those customer service people if you want a credit increase or a decrease with your interest rate call this number it is directly linked to the marketing dept in richmond Virginia".  I was a bit shocked she then reviewed my acct and then asked me what I used the acct for I told her I wanted to start using it as my everyday card ( anything to suck up) that made her happy and behold she gave me a $1000 credit increase.  Then i said let me push it and asked her to review my other card in which she gave me another 1000 increase.  She was so sweet and nice and started talking to me about was amazing she told me to call back in three months to get another increase or to see if I could decrease my interest (which is pretty ok right now) if I wanted.  I'm still shocked.......We hung up and I immediatly came to tell all of you.  God their is hope there are actually nice people in this world!!!!
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

Yea i have two Cap 1 cards got the first one in Mar and the second one in May. My first just got increased to 1100 from a starting of 300! The second card is still so new, so i probably wont be requesting until Aug or so! Im glad to hear of your success!
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

I tried...NO INCREASE...I was not denied...but she said they will be reviewing my account up until next month...and I should receive one next month...I missed the 1st increase...after 4 months...because it was their fault...and they refunded me every fee...but she put all the info in the computer...saying that it was their fault..and should not mess with my review...she said to call back next month...I'll be waiting...but if I asked for an increase...she said they would have to do hard I'll be waiting...
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

Ok...I am going to try that # and see if she will remove my co status!  Hey, it can't hurt!

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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

Very nice! Congrats!
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

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Congrats Those Backdoor numbers Really work!!! LOL i got approved for a Chase BP Int CL was 600 I called the backdoor number asked for 1000CL got it w/o them pulling a new CR bc its not activated yet!!! Last nite Im happieeeeeee 2

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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

Maybe they got tired of customers with improved credit scores tossing their CapOne cards overboard, and decided allowing their cards to grow with their customers made more business sense. It's about time, since Business 101 teaches that retaining is customer is far cheaper than winning one from a competitor.
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

tell me about it! I just disputed a couple lates with Capital One and they removed them and boosted my score +29 points! *thumbs up*
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

mrsanderson wrote:
Congrats Those Backdoor numbers Really work!!!

I second that!  Worked for me last night.  Seriously nice and helpful.  Its amazing the difference between their first line of defense and getting to the core of the company with a backdoor number.
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Re: Capital One now officially rocks!

Ally - I was there-
A last Sept- 2 capones , Each with $500 CL's one of them had not had an CLI in 5+ years.
Both were substantially increased via the backdoor number.
I latter combined them (to the older card) to move into a different tier.
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