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Capital One's Payment Issues

Is this normal for capital one? I recenty got approved back in Late August for the MTV rewards card and the Classic Platinum card both limits are 500 with the step program. My issue is that every time I post a payment it literally takes about a week  or more for it to reflect on the card. I paid the card off in full and tried to use it 2 days later and of course it was declined .. TOTALLY EMBARASSED..Luckily I had another card on me but when I called she said the payment can take up to two weeks to go through authorization .. seriously two entire weeks ????? I just made another payment last week and it hasn't reflected YET ...

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

Yes it is normal and a pain in the butt. My wife and I both had new accounts with them a while back. They would hold her payment for about 5 to 7 days but would credit mine the next day. They did this for nearly four months on her account.



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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

This happened to me a couple months ago when I paid off a large balance. I called after my card was declined and the CSR immediately credited the payment so I could use the card again. Total pain in the ass. 

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

Same here... has been happening with me couple of times. A call to them usually resolves the issue

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

Thats strange. I have had my no hassle cash card since august now. Made the first 3 payments on time and each time the payment is reflected the next day.


Say for example I set a payment to go out on September 29. On September 29 the payment shows up as processing, then on September 30th the payment is reflected on the card and in my credit limit. I am paying them through their online bill pay on their website.



It always shows up next day for me and I am a new account. Strange that it would take a whole week for you.

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

I have read about so many people having problems with cap1 payments. I just made my first payment last wk and my funds were available the next day and it also cleared my bank the next day. I have the credit steps program with 300CL(500CLI in 5mths)

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

Have you tried the push method from your banks online bill pay? that may work since I would think capital one would know the funds were available but not sure how long that takes


I never have had an issue though with online bill pay with cap1

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

john398 wrote:

Have you tried the push method from your banks online bill pay?

Bingo!  That'll make the turnaround time more bearable...especially if it's electronic.  

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

Seems to be normal at first with Cap One.  You must've gotten one of their Hassle Cards...



j/k of course.  It should clear up in time.

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Re: Capital One's Payment Issues

i have never had this issue, i would think they would be eager to get their money haha 

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