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Capital one?

I received my first unsecured credit card in Aug 10, it was for 300.00, so far no CLI so than yesterday they sent me another card with a 500.00 limit, I am in the steps program and as much as I have been reading, seems the will not increase fast what is the best ways to increase them? Thanks
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Re: Capital one?

I had steps in my CapOne, every 3 months if I showed good faith. I would get a $500 CLI on the 4th statement. It went from $500->$1,000->$1,500, but also the interest rate went up recently for some unknown recent. I have two years of perfect payments with them and have not seen a CLI in about a year.


I do know it said when step would CLI in my papers that came with the card, do you still have your papers?

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Re: Capital one?

I have a CAP1 card also and after 6 months of just paying on time with about 20% usage every month they gave me a 500 CLI so i think its just a matter of time with them. I also called the backdoor since its easier to request it there then talking to just a regular rep that declines you and doesn't tell you why...

Im also curious about the credit steps that they have, is that something you have to ask for? and how does it work?

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Re: Capital one?

They sent me a letter a few weeks later telling me about the steps program, they just added it.
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Re: Capital one?

I am in the credit steps program when i opened the account i got a letter two weeks later saying if i pay on time i will get a CLI in 4 months i started out with 500.00 back in april 2010 i got a CLI in augus 2010t for 250.00 to bring it to 750.0 and just got another cli for 1000.00 now in november to bring it up to 1750.00! if your in the credit step program dont go over your limit or miss a payment charge like 100-200 a month and you should get a lot of cli in a short time like i have

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