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Chase ATM tells me I'm pre-approved!?

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So I was out last night with the wife and needed some cash so I stopped by a Chase ATM to make a quick withdrawal.


Right before I get my receipt, the screen tells me in big bold letters "YOU ARE PRE-APPROVED FOR A CHASE SLATE... would you like to apply?"


I was in a rush so I said no.


I've never seen anything like this before.  I've heard of email, online links, and regular mail pre-approvals, but never an ATM.


Maybe this is something they're testing out?


I'm just wondering if anyone else has received this message while making a Chase ATM transaction?


I also wanted to know if this is a true pre-approved offer?


Did the ATM do a soft pull on me while I was making a withdrawal?  :smileysurprised:


I'm hoping that I get the same message/offer the next time I use the ATM.  I'll be willing to be the guinee pig as I have 0 inq on EX which is what they pull here in California.

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Re: Chase ATM tells me I'm pre-approved!?

Chase likes to do stuff like this (mix advertising with business.)  And who wants to hang around an ATM machine unless he's "new?"   I'm more prone to make mistakes when I'm trying to pay something Online or transfer funds and I have to click through different ads to complete the transaction.  They should have a link "promotionals" where any one looking for cash back or upgrades or whatever can check in after they've completed their business.

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Re: Chase ATM tells me I'm pre-approved!?

I heard about Chase and their pre-approvals at the ATM a few months ago. It is fairly new. Here is a thread on it as well.

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Re: Chase ATM tells me I'm pre-approved!?


aftermath wrote:


I also wanted to know if this is a true pre-approved offer?


Yes, it is.  It is just like any other pre-approved offers from other potential lenders.  You've got to qualify for that card, even though you've already passed the first test in the lender's qualification process.



I doubt that there was a soft pull at the time of your ATM withdrawal.  I think that the offer is based on prior soft pulls of Chase's entire banking customer database.  Just a guess, though.


Please let us know how you make out if that message pops up again at the ATM and you go for it!



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Re: Chase ATM tells me I'm pre-approved!?

They approved me for $6K at the ATM but it took 5 weeks and 2 CB pulls to get the card but I think it was worth it.



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