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Chase CLI I had some luck!

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Chase CLI I had some luck!

I just wanted to share that I did get a $300 CLI from $1000.  No luck on getting APR down.  It was raised last year from WM from 14% to 31%.  And for no reason I haven't been late on this account for over 3 years and didn't carry a balance for long time. 
AMEX GR NPSL/ Chase $1200/ Best Buy MC $1300/ Macy's $1000/ Kohl's $300 FICO 12/05/14 EQ 674 TU 648 EX 674.
FICO8 4/06/15 EQ 664, TU 668, EX 685
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Re: Chase CLI I had some luck!

Congrats on the cli.3 yrs is a long time to wait for a cli.
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