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Chase Denied...Recon Denied with another HP???

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Chase Denied...Recon Denied with another HP???

I apped for Chase Freedom last week and got the 7-10 message. I called to check the status and was told that they "regret that they were not able to approve me at this time." So, I wait a couple of days and call back for a recon. The lady I spoke with was extremely nice. She gave me the opportunity to explain certain negatives that are on my report from about 6 years ago and why they are on there. She asked me about my income and placed me on hold for about 2 or 3 minutes. When she came back on, she was also unable to approve my application. I thought about it for a couple of days and decided that I already gave up a HP for this so I might as well try again. So I called back. This time, I got a gentleman that was very polite and once again went through the "interview" explaining finances and negatives as well as why exactly I want the Chase Freedom. He put me on hold for 2 or 3 minutes as well and came back with the same reply that he was not able to get it approved.

I was fine with that until this morning. I pulled my daily report and what do my wondering eyes see? A new HP on TU by CHASE! I was under the impression that when you call to have them reconsider, they do so using the HP that they just recently got. I was considering call them again today to try one more time but if they are going to pull ANOTHER HP, then its not worth it! That would be 3 HP's for one card!! It's already 2 and have not even been approved!

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Can I request that they drop that second HP or is that even a feasible request? 

Just to give you an idea of my credit history - On my EX, I have 3 paid collections all due to fall off within the next 6 months. EQ has those same 3 plus a charge off that I am paying off and will be removed upon full payment. TU is the same as EX...the same 3 paid collections.  Oldest account in good standing on all 3 is 10 years with AAoA right at 6 or 7 years(depending on report). I wanted  a Chase Freedom, but not sure I wanted it THAT bad! Jeez!

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Re: Chase Denied...Recon Denied with another HP???

I would dispute that 2nd hp. Call chase executive line for resolunion and maybe recon.
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Re: Chase Denied...Recon Denied with another HP???

I was told that if it is more than three days they do another pull. When I asked for reconsideration I did see on creditkarma that another inquiry was done. The next day it showed the inquiry was gone. The same happened with FIA; they pulled again and two days later the new pull was removed. I would just wait and see what happens. However, reconsideration is having them process the application again, meaning that they can do a hard pull again.

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Re: Chase Denied...Recon Denied with another HP???

Did you get a letter for the denial? Last time I apped with Chase, the bottom of the letter specifically said something about if I disagree with the decision, I can call for a reconsideration, and this would involve pulling another credit report (I am paraphrasing). My denial was for a BK, though.

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