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Chase Freedom Plus

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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

Thank you so much!
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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

no problem
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Until Chase lowers my ridiculously high APR they can kiss my patootie! Their card has been retired to the sockdrawer. Smiley Mad
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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

Thanks for the info
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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

The Chase Freedom Plus seems to have been stripped from the regular Chase website altogether, despite the aforementioned info working. The entire browsing list no longer contains links to the general purpose cards, even if the basic Freedom can still be found regularly. Does this mean that Chase no longer wants to advertise what could be considered its best product?


With the variable APRs now having been separated (Basic = 9.24%, Plus = 13.24%), has any previous Plus holder noticed Chase automatically changing their current APRs to reflect the new ones? I'm still holding a fixed 10% (9.99) for my World card, but I wonder if it's only a matter of time.


Finally, anyone have a Freedom Plus World Elite card yet? If so, what's the suspected hideous annual fee?

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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

what would be the benefit to get World Elite over just Freedom Plus? is it a better looking card?
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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

Instead of a Freedom Plus card, I just use two Freedom cards: one at gas stations/convenience stores, grocery stores, and drug stores, and one for everything else:


I earn 3% in my top 6 categories

NO annual fee

ok, bonus rewards are capped at $1200/mo ($600 X 2) but that's good enough for me, and I would think for most ordinary consumers.

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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

I bet most of the features are the same for the World Elite level, which is one of the black cards. One would probably get a horrible annual fee, concierge service, and a different APR. I'm curious to see if there is a bank willing to offer this level of card with no annual fee and then maybe one day convert a World card to a World Elite. It would be cool to have a black card if they didn't charge to just carry the thing. Needless to say, though, until that happens, I'm sticking with the dark blue card. Smiley Wink
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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

I just have to say, my chase freedom plus card is my best friend lol


It is really a great card (but i still want my Penfed/US bank card)

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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

I too have to agree my Chase Freedom Plus card is my best friend. I also have PenFed and while their CL was a joke and isn't worth my time, the rewards are not half as good as people make them out to be, unless you are a truck driver for a living and you buy gas all day long. Otherwise it's 2% for groceries and 1.25% on everyday purchases.  With Freedom PLUS nearly every purchase I make falls into one of the 15 available categories and I'm cashing in like crazy. I just got my card in June. I already racked up enough cashback to cash in my $200 for the $250 check once and this month I'll make enough in cash back to push myself over the $200 mark again, earning yet another $250 check. When I factor in the bonus $50 checks, it puts the rewards above the PenFed by a long shot, but even would without it since I can pay utilities, bils, etc. on this card and get 3% back for doing so and then make the extra $ by waiting to redeem until I hit the $200 mark to get teh $50 free bonus. Awesome, awesome card!  LOVE IT! I'm waiting for them to shut me off.  By the 1 year mark I'll probably be very close to making $1000 back on this card. The way I figure it, I will have made $750 already and be almost to the $1000 mark. She's a keeper!

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Re: Chase Freedom Plus

Nicely done, triple Up. I'm on the miles rewards option myself, but that's not incredibly different from points (or even cash back if you get the right items). I'm considering switching back to cash or points, though. The miles options have been drying up somewhat lately, but on average, I'd say I'm racking in about 1800mi in bonuses (equivalent to $18 cash back). Two months at that rate, and the annual fee of $30 is nullified. The cash back might be the best option because of that extra $50 back once one hits $200. I usually get to the 20,000mi mark about every 3-4 months, but they don't give you an extra 5000. Is there any indication that they are going to stop that $50 bonus?
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