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Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

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Re: Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

I can also confirm that 50k is still active. I booked a flight on 3/14 and got the 50k offer during checkout. 

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Re: Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

It's worth it if you know what your doing.


it's a 1.4 point for everyday spending card if you push $25,000 a year for a 10k bonus which is easy. I have both sapphire and mileage plus.


Why? cause I fly United and I get 4.3 cents per dollar for United Mile and options like free potential upgrades and lounge access twice a year is worth it for me and auto insurance etc.


How do I spend 25k a year? to buy Amex gift cards at a cash rebate of 1.4% then pay my mortgage with the gift card through Williamspaid at 2.9%


2.9% - 1.4% = 1.5 - 1.4 miles per dollar = about 1 cent per mile. Very nice deal for everyday spending imo. Since the points are sold for 3.5 cents per mile at Chase you can transfer 1:1 or 3.75 from United this is much cheaper option of purchasing points for cheap.


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Re: Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

If you're spending $30k/month, then the United Club Card is better suited for you.
Most people have reported scores in the low 700s for the Explorer card and mid 700s for the Club card.

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Re: Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

CreditScholar wrote:

HiLine wrote:

I'm surprised that Chase's most expensive card does not cover primary rental insurance. Smiley Indifferent

The United Club and JPM Ritz Carlton cards offer primary insurance. They're fairly expensive in terms of AFs at $395 each.

Should've specifically mentioned "single-branded card", but you know what I mean right? Cat Wink


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Re: Chase Mileage Plus Explorer

Has one of the better sign-up bonuses out there.  55k miles and two free lounge passes for just $1,000 spend in 3 months + adding an authorized user.  Compare that to CSP's 40k points that requires $3,000 spend in 3 months.  Now, the UR points are more flexible obviously, but many people just wind up transferring to United Miles anyway (I have both cards and it's what I plan to do).


I don't think I will keep this card once the annual fee hits though (I'm New York based and try to avoid EWR at all costs).  Same goes for the Delta card also.  The perks are cool, but probably not worth the AF for me.

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