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Chase Military Star Card

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Re: Chase Military Star Card

Mallemuck wrote:


AAFES Starcard is fine, but should you ever use the card off base, or even in the commissary, you end up in the claws of Chase MC, and they are totally unresponsive.  I've been kicking pennys down the road for months because their billing reaches overseas too late to pay by the due date, (not to mention $10 late fee)  and all of their online/telphonic systems are "experiencing technical difficulies", which is modern shorthand for F*** the customer, keep him paying."  Were it not for the 5 cent per gallonn bouns for Starcard use at the AAFES gas pump, I would terminate mine.  In fact, that may be the better sollution, as I have already paid more in fees than I have saved at the pump.  AAFES, OK.  Chase, F-bomb them!





Definately you should look into NFCU, I have had awesome experiences with them. They will definately grow with you. And they do report to all major bureaus.  They can do everything from auto loans, to credit cards, to personal loans, motorcycle loans, mortgages.  It would be good to join and start building a relationship with them.   Their customer service can be reached 24/7 and they have always been very friendly on the phone.  You won't be sorry you joined.

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Re: Chase Military Star Card

The Chase branded military card is a great opportunity to build or fix your credit. My husband has had it since it became available to us in the military community and we have not had any issues with it. On the contrary, we love the fact that we do not pay any extra penalties for shopping off post. We use the automatic payment feature in their online banking site and set it up to minimum payment, that way we avoid missing the monthly payment, they have a very low monthly settlements, then I can take my time to go in and make a good monthly payment at my most convenient time. They offer a lot services to the military community, we are very happy to do business with them.

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Re: Chase Military Star Card

@mil-wife I have to agree. My hubby did indeed get this card. It is reporting to all bureaus and he has used it on and off post. He hasn't had a problem with it thus far. He will definitely still be looking into NFCU when he gets home.
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