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Chase Trifecta 8.121% of rewards the first year.

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I was bored so I figured I'd do the math. Chase Trifecta is Chase checking + Chase Sapphire + Chase Freedom since the rewards work together.


Bonuses currently 10/22/2012 ($200 to sign up with Chase Checking, $100 bonus (spend $500 in first 3 months ) Chase Freedom, 40,000 ($3,000 spending 3 months) points Chase Sapphire)


If you have checking + Freedom card you will get 10 points per transaction bonus even if you charge $1 at a time that's 11 points.


Freedom has a cap at $1,500 in a quarter = $6,000 spending limit on 5% on rotating catagories. = 30,000 points max points at 5%

Now you take those points and Transfer them to Chase Sapphire which currently has a 40,000 sign on bonus


So 5% off Freedom 30,000 + 40,000 Sapphire bonus= 70,000 points

Now let's say you spend a modest $100 a week on Chase Sapphire bonus catagories dining and travel at x 2.  5,200 x 2 reward catagories = 10,400 points which shouldn't be hard to do for most people. As long as you take a trip prior to the 3 months the averages should be just fine to get the bonus ($3,000 in 3 months) so 


10,400 points points spent on Sapphire + 70,000 points from Chase Freedom 5% and Sapphire sign on bonus = 80,400 total points.


Now since the Freedom card + Checking bonus if you had 365 transactions in the year (1 a day) that's a bonus 3,650 bonus 


3,650 + 80,400 points = 84,050 points


Once the points are all routed to Chase Sapphire it has an annual bonus of 7% so 84,050 x 1.07 = 89,933.5 points


now the points are worth 20% more on travel booked through  89,933.5 x 1.2 = 107,920.20 


so that's $1079.20  worth of points for travel (penny a point)


That also doesn't include $200 checking sign on bonus, or $100 Freedom bonus = $300 so that's $1,379 of travel bonuses in the first year. That's based on spending of $11,200 for the first year worth about $1,379 cash value roughly ending up at about return of 8.121% with an average transaction of $30.68 (365 a year)


8.121% rewards for the first year sounds quite nice, although it's doing this to a teeth would be hard and you'll probably be spending atleast $15,000-$20,000 to accomplish.



anyways I was bored correct me on anything If I'm wrong, but I love Chase =)

Oh btw more points could even be accured if you do a lot of shopping in the Chase Ultimate rewards mall where you can get upto 30 points per dollar spent + 10 bonus points per traction with 7% annual bonus + 20% travel bonus. so a $10   300 point transaction + 10 = 310  +7% annual bonus  = 331.7 + 20% travel bonus 398.04 points on $10 transaction. that's 398.04 points worth about $4  out of a $10 transaction.

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Re: Chase Trifecta 8.121% of rewards the first year.

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I have spent $7500 on my flexperks card and have earned almost $800 in rewards (10% back). And I got in on the smallest bonus they have ever offer (10,000 points) it is more now, 17,500 pts with referral. Was over 30k pts during the Olympics. Each point is worth up to 2 cents on travel.


I have a chase freedom with checking. I will see how they compare over the next couple months.

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Re: Chase Trifecta 8.121% of rewards the first year.

I'm confused. 7% annual bonus should only apply to spending on Sapphire on 1% base rate.

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Re: Chase Trifecta 8.121% of rewards the first year.

trumpet-205 wrote:

I'm confused. 7% annual bonus should only apply to spending on Sapphire on 1% base rate.

I guess you and I was wrong both wrong, after looking things up they changed this up just recently. You still get bonus on all 2 or 1 points from Sapphire but can not transfer in andmore or get 7% bonus on the sign up bonus this sucks =\ it's still good though lol


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Re: Chase Trifecta 8.121% of rewards the first year.

Hi - Going to bring this one back... easier!


Wanted to check on Applying and Opening these three products all at once:

1. This is the Chase Basic "Total Checking"?

2.  New Freedom Credit Card

3.  New Chase Saphire Preferred?


~ Does Chase do (1) HP since done in one day?


~ If someone has a Freedom already can they still apply and get a second one if credit good enough?

~~ If you can't have two Freedoms, you would simply loose the bonus on a new Freedom but all others would apply correct? (again based on approved credit)


*** Do I need to buy the $200 Chase Total Checking promo coupon off ebay??


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