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Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

I have had the slate card for almost 18 months now and am still at 200 limit called twice and no give on a increase.

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

MovingForward_2012 wrote:
Did they double the limit on the Freedom or the Slate and when after account opening did they double the limit?

if your referring to me. it was on the freedom. they gave it too me auto about a week after my fifth statement. 

my limit was only 500 and was doubled too 1k. 


when i apped for the card the rep told me that i only got a 500 limit because even though my history was good it was all store cards. they don't count store cards in their underwriting criteria. (at the time i had 2.5k at best buy and 2k at macys both over a year and a half old and kohls was 6 months(400 limit) ( i was approved for another 500 card but it hadn't reported yet)


since then i have gotten a 5k, and 2k card. I have 4cc(including freedom) 5 store cards, and the amex charge. totalling in 20k aval credit. 

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

slippy84 wrote:

From what I've read, Chase auto-CLI's are rare.


The common way to increase your CL is to request it every 6 months and to expect a hard pull every time Man Sad

my chase freedom initial CL was $4600 in Feb 2009.   when my 2nd statement arrived, the CL had been increased to $6000 ('twas a happy surpise)

no auto CLIs since, but I haven't asked for any CLI's either


BofA visa $9.4k ... BofA Cash Rewards visa sig $10k ... Cap 1 Venture1 visa sig $10k ...
Chase Freedom visa $10k ... Macy's $1.5k ... Macy's Amex $5k ... Sam's Club $6.3k
myFICOs as of 3/25/14:...EX=809 .... EQ=802....TU=787
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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

Auto-CLI are very uncommon with chase. I called in for a cli prior to 6-7 months of having there freedom and amazon card and received a cli on both of my cards. I believe you have to call in to get a cli. Thats if you want it badly enough or you could wait a while and maybe they will eventually (5 years later) budge with an auto-cli ;p
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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

With Chase I'd work under the assumption that you will need a HP for a CLI. In some cases people are given auto CLIs after a few months, but it seems to be the exception rather than the rule. I got one after 3 months heavy very heavy usage, and others have also reported auto CLIs after 3-6 months. As always YMMV.

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

I sent a message to chase about the low limit on my freedom and they replied asking for income info so they can put in a cli request for me. I declined and then 3 days later boom! 500 auto cli lol
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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

I have had my Chase Southwest Visa Sig for 7 months and nothing. Chase is not famous for auto-CLI and if you ask it is a HP

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

Mike360 wrote:

When it comes to auto increases from chase i wouldn't expect any. i got one for $500 and it took me 10 months to get. Yes they like to see a year history. I tried to get a higher CLI back in Oct so i could transfer my card to a VISA Signature and i was told even if i did get the increase i wouldn't qualify till my 13th statement was out.

What would be the advantage of Visa Signature compared to the regular Visa Freedom card? Or the MasterCard compared to the World MasterCard?

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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

Thanks for the info.  I guess I should just wait until they are at least a year then look at possible CLI.  Ive also read that some have had better luck just getting a new card.  I would rather not go that route but it really wouldnt hurt my AAoA that badly so its an option.  I really want about 1k more on freedom and a 10-15k CL on a CSP.  So recommendations on how best to get these goals?


Im still on track for apping for CSP in June.

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Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
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Re: Chase cards 4 months old-what to expect?

I started with a 500 dollar CL in august (had to recon backdoor to get approved for that)


in November i got a $500 CLI magically one day. No request. 


my score was 683 at the time of the CLI. I know its are to get a auto CLI that soon. A month before i got a $200 auto CLI on another chase card i have (generic visa converted over from wamu that i keep because its my longest open account), which has had a $500 limit for 4 years!! I also have had a chase checking for 6 years. 


I have no idea what sparked this. chase is a weird beast. I have only ran about 1.5k through the chase card in 4 months, and only charge my gym membership on the other card. 

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