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Re: Chase cards…

4 reasons for me:


* CS

* Several options for travel rewards cards

* Integrated Rewards System (Transfer Partners & UR Mall)

* Uncapped Rewards, which is critial for heavy spenders. Only Chase and Amex play in this arena.

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Re: Chase cards…

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SamsungHDTV wrote:

afbar1114 wrote:

bmd0224 wrote:

afbar1114 wrote:
What is it about chase credit cards that people want them so bad? It seems the csp and freedom are the most wanted cards. Why is this?

Agreed about customer service being great! You can also switch around credit limits after having the card for a matter of a few months whereas other lenders make you wait 13 months if I'm not mistaken. Get the CSP, you can't go wrong! Plus no Foreign Transaction Fees.

I just got the CSP as well as united both $5k limits

afbar, why CSP and United? Unless you travel United frequently, and bring lots of luggage, I don't see the point of having both. 

Sign-up bonuses!  55k miles for United card + 40k points for Sapphire + points that come as a result of hitting the minimum spending needed to get the bonuses on both cards = ~100k United Miles after transferring UR points to United.  And that is enough for a round-trip business class award flight to Europe. 


Of course, after satisfying the minimum spend on the United card there's no real benefit to put any spending on it if you have the Sapphire, unless you're going to spend $25k or more on it to get more bonus miles.

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Re: Chase cards…

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For me it's because


Freedom 5x categories

Sapphire 2x Travel / Dining Categories

Ink 5x categories


Now let's figure some numbers shall we?


Freedom 5x isn't too hard to max out =x $1,500 per 4 quarters = $6,000 x 5 = 30,000 points

Sapphire let's say you spend $300 a month on dining out / travel (pretty modest)  $300 x 12 = 3,600 + 7% annual bonus = 3,852 points

Ink 5x categories cellphone, internet, phone, cable let's say you spend $300 a month on these against kinda modest. 3,600 x 5 = 18,000 points

Forgot to add $2,500 annual on gas (not too hard less than $50 a week) x 2 point category for Ink = 5,000 points

These numbers aren't hard to reach = 56,852 points annually (low modest goals)


Now since these points transfers 1 to 1 from Chase to United Airline Miles. You only need 65,000 on award saver mile to fly from Tampa, FL to anywhere in Asia.


Most points programs are good for 1 penny a point, and Chase points are worth that too if your using it for cash back or gift cards. (always use cash back over gift cards, you get a 1% or more discount since your getting points for buying the gift card then getting statement credit)


65,000 United Miles vs High Season Economy ticket to Asia = $2,800's sometimes more. With United having the best award seat redemption rates, and the lowest costs. For me these points are worth 4.3 cents per points minimum, and if you redeem First class saver award for 140,000 points are worth about 9 cents or more ($12,000+ first class tickets)


 Oh don't forget nice perks like Chase Priority Club a $49 annual fee, but you can stay in ANY interconintental hotel in the world for free. So you can redeem a $49 night here 

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Re: Chase cards…

afbar1114 wrote:
What is it about chase credit cards that people want them so bad? It seems the csp and freedom are the most wanted cards. Why is this?

+1 to what everyone else has said, plus this:

Having the CSP card with a $10k limit put me in a much better position to apply for and get a JP Morgan Select card with a base $5K limit.  Got it before they withdrew it from being offered to the general public.  What's the perks of having a JPM Select card?  The hidden tradeline, for starters!  It's not reported to the CRA at all.  Even though there's a "suggested" CL, it is, in reality a NPSL card.  AND the points accumulated with JPM card can be combined with the CSP card for use with Ultimate Rewards. 

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Re: Chase cards…

Aren't are visa signatures npsl?

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Re: Chase cards…

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As many have said, Chase's customer service is excellent, but for me it's really the Ultimate Rewards program. Chase arguably has the best signup offers out there right now, and with the ability to combine UR points from your different cards (thus using those cards in their respective bonus categorize to optimize your return), the rewards are truly amazing. Chase just so happens to have my two most commonly used airlines as travel partners too - Southwest and United.


Just yesterday I was able to book a First Class International flight on United for 70,000 UR points when the cash price for the same ticket was over $13,000. That's an astounding $0.20/mile redemption value. When you consider the fact that some (probably most) of those 70,000 UR points came from 5x categories, I was essentially getting everything I bought for "free."


As an example, let's say I spend $500 at Walgreens on my Freedom card. Walgreens, a drug store is a 5x bonus category this quarter so I would actually get 2560 UR points:


500 (1% on all spending)

2000 (4% bonus for a 5x category)

50 (Chase Exclusives 10% bonus)

10 (Chase Exclusives 10 point fixed bonus)

2560 total UR points


With those 2560 UR points valued at $0.20/mile in this case, I get $512 in value toward my United flight. This is obviously a rare case (and I certainly wouldn't spend $13k on a plane ticket), but it just goes to show you what can be done.

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Re: Chase cards…

afbar1114 wrote:
Aren't are visa signatures npsl?

From the Visa Signature website:


Visa wrote:
Not all Visa Signature cards offer this benefit. Availability is determined by your card issuer.

 Additionally, it is up to the card issuer to approve any purchase against your credit access line on an individual basis. For example, take a look at the Freedom Visa Signature-World MasterCard Agreement:

We will assign a credit access line to your account, and post it on your monthly billing statement. We may cancel, change or restrict your credit availability at any time. Each transaction is considered for approval on an individual basis, including those above the credit access line. We may not approve all transactions.

 It is my understanding that Chase will generally approve all purchases up to twice your credit access line (three times your credit access line on the Palladium).

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Re: Chase cards…

kwinks wrote:

Imua wrote:

kwinks wrote:

Also customer service is really great! I have never had one issue with them vs say Bank of America cash rewards which is a pain to pay every month because I can't do it online. 

i have no trouble paying BofA online
just curious - does your computer have a particular problem/issue with the BofA website?


i agree that chase has great customer service :smileyhappy:


no my account just won't let me do it. I have tried on my phone/tablet/computer and it won't let me. Called customer service and they keep saying that they fixed the problem but I still can't do it, even after being with them for a year. But now that I got the csp and amex bcp I am no longer planning to use bofa

so as a weird side note, I wenI onto bofa website today and just for laughs tried to pay cc...and it actually worked!!! Kind of freaked out, are they reading my posts???? LOL:smileylol:

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Re: Chase cards…

MAINLY because of their rewards, and usually when you have these cards you are creditworthy to the banks since chase doesnt give credit to any random person especially if you have had bad history with them or of any type. Thats why people luv chase and follow their freedom and csp.

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Re: Chase cards…

BearsAndTurtlesRtheBest wrote:

MAINLY because of their rewards, and usually when you have these cards you are creditworthy to the banks since chase doesnt give credit to any random person especially if you have had bad history with them or of any type. Thats why people luv chase and follow their freedom and csp.

Chase does give second chances if you can prove to them that you're worth it.  Might not be easy but if you work extremely hard to right the ship, they might extend credit once again.  

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