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Chase closed Circuit City Visa

I feel sick... after procrastinating calling Chase to find out what else I could convert my Circuit City Rewards Visa card to I finally got around to it today.  I checked the account online while researching their other cards and went ahead and gave them a call.


Instead of having a conversation about that I was told instead that my card had been closed by Chase yesterday and that no one could give me an explanation why.  After calling back a second time I found out that allegedly they mailed something in the middle of February to me stating that they were closing the account due to Circuit City going out of business and that just happened to happen yesterday (and it's apparently irreversible).


I'm sick because now I'll lose that card history and the 2k limit (leaving $7k limit left across 3 other cards).


Ugh... do I try to request a CLI from one of my other cards to compensate or just bend over and take it?

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Re: Chase closed Circuit City Visa

I was under the impression from Chase that all Circuit City Visa cards were to be converted to the Chase Freedom Card. We upgraded our store card to visa and then when the store closing announcement came I had it converted to freedom
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Re: Chase closed Circuit City Visa

Aack, so sorry to hear this!

One morsel of good news: the closed card should continue to report for another ten years.

Beyond that, though, I would try groveling. Keep calling back at different times of the day and different days of the week, in hopes of eventually getting a CSR who might cut you some slack. If they would keep the same opening date, I would cheerfully agree to a hard inq, if that's what it took.

Good luck!
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Re: Chase closed Circuit City Visa

I've read on this forum and others about Circuit City cardholders successfully converting to another Chase product after the liquidation/bankruptcy was announced by Circuit City.  I would stay away from calling the general customer service line and look for a backdoor number or request the underwriting/account review department. If you have a good history with them (no lates, no over limit), then you should have a good chance of success in converting to another product, even if the account is closed. Just don't settle for the answers you get from the first tier customer service reps OR their supervisors. You need to speak to the "account specialists", "account supervisors", "underwriting supervisor" etc. Good luck!!!
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Re: Chase closed Circuit City Visa

I had the regular store card.  Converted it to a visa after they announced liquidation.  Upon receiving the visa, I kept the CC visa for 3 weeks and conducted a product change. 
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Re: Chase closed Circuit City Visa

I agree with the above.  Don't give up on that trade line.  Keep calling. 

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