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Re: Check your Chase cards for auto CLI

0% till January I think, the 2.9 until June next year



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Re: Check your Chase cards for auto CLI

CLI = no


BT = 0% through billing cycle ending in Nov 2010. OR I can go with my standard rate of * goes to check * ah, yes, 19.24%.


Dear Chase requires that I click on the app, enter the CC # I want to transfer from and the $ amount before telling me minor details like the BT fee. Not to mention that my whopping $3500 CL isn't gonna provide for much of a BT if I wanted to keep it under 50%.


Ummmm, no.

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Re: Check your Chase cards for auto CLI

No CLI on either of my Chase cards, but I also got the BT "offer" at my standard APRs (10.24% and 17.24%).

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Re: Check your Chase cards for auto CLI

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UpUpUp wrote:

Just logged into my account this morning and saw Chase raised my CL from $7500 to $8300.  That was a nice surprise. My May statement still shows the $7500CL so I'm not sure when they made the change. Just thought I'd post as an FYI.


UpUpUp wrote:

I have had my card for 2 years now. Because I have the old Freedom Plus card and basically wind up getting 3% cash back on all my purchases I've made a LOT of cash back on this card. For that reason I've used it quite a bit.  They have given me 3 auto CLI but the last one was $500 and this one was only $800 I think. I don't know, what did I say they raised me to $8300?  I'd have to go back and check. The time before that was good though it was atleast $2500, or maybe even $3000.


I don't know if I have a BT option, I will have to look for that. I wouldn't use it though my interest rate is high as it is at 13.24% I think it is. I can't see using a 19% for a BT. Eew.

Congratulation UpUpUp!!      I got same surprise also.    My Freedom MC is almost 4yrs old and it start with 3K.   A few weeks a go, I think I received a notification from Chase regarding ACLI.  Then I logged in to my on-line acct and I saw Chase gave me ACLI from 6K to 9K.   I have no idea how I got this ACLI.   It could be what type of accts I have with them, and how I use it.  The bottom line is that I am happy with this ACLI.   :smileyvery-happy:


I have following services with Chase since 2005;

Checking & Saving Accts

Free Extra Checking (former Wa-Mu Free Checking), Chase Plus Saving (former Wa-Mu Saving), Chase Saving (custodial acct).  I used to had direct deposit until I lost my job (02/10).

Three CCs Accts

Freedom MC, Freedom VISA (former Starbucks Duetto VISA), MC (former WA-Mu Platinum).  I used to use Freedom MC mainly due to the rewards system.  Now, I am going to use both of my Freedom equally.

Chase Identity Theft Protection ($11.99 with al three FACO scores)

They said, they do not offer this service to non Chase member.  He/She must have at least one acct with them either banking acct or CC acct.


I have also received a letter;



RE: Your account ending in xxxx

New credit line: $9,000

Dear bunnyrabit,

As a result of your good credit standing, you now have access to an increased credit line.  It's automatic.  You don't have to do anything.


I am not planing to do any BT to any of my CCs unless NO BT FEE with very low low low APR for over a year.   Then I may do BT from my student loan.

I would like to see an ACLI on my Freedom VISA in the future  :smileywink:

It's very tough with small income ~ The Rewards are big little helper to me.

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