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Citi Bank Simplicity CC-Denied??

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Re: Citi Bank Simplicity CC-Denied??

Well I guess I need to clarify...I app'd twice BUT not like I did in 2010...Can't see where this hsould be a REASON ..PLUS i have SEVERAL cc that I did pay to zero balances. I can't imagine that 2 pulls would be considered TOO MANY INQUIRIES???

Last app 10/12
**no app'ing till 10/14 or more***
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Re: Citi Bank Simplicity CC-Denied??

Yeah, Citi is horrible with recons. They won't budge like other lenders. I also got denied for "too many inquires" for there forward card. I tried to recon with the rep but he was like "oh sorry....(indifferent)"
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