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Citi CLD After Payoff

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

Give this nice lady a call. (six)o5-73!-3246 [pm me if you can't read that.]


Explain your situation. Hopefully she will be able to help. Be ready to make your case before you call. Speak confidently and clearly. Don't ramble too much, but at the same time say what needs to be said. Explain that you have tried all other channels.


Good luck.

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

So sorry to hear. It happened to my wife's BofA card a couple years ago. We paid it down by $5k, and the next day they slashed the limit to $100 above our then-balance.
I have been carrying a balance on my Citi card, over 20k. I am paying it off within the next week. I hope they don't touch it.

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

wow, that sucks! I personally hate citi. I had a card with a 3,800 limit, I always pif, I think the most I ever even had on it was 3 or 4 hundred. Anyway, I had a $49 medical collection (that I didn't even owe, but long story) go on my report and citi cut me down to 500. I got the med bill immediately removed (this was all within like two weeks) and citi never reinstated my limit, and since then I have attempted two more cli's and denied both times (hard pulls on both). I know that pales in comparison, but just wanted to share my experience with them.
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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

-98% of utilization... dam. xP

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

I feel your pain.

I have been working to get my credit score up for a few years and finally have a good score and then some dirtbags toss some bill on my report that was supposefly from 1995 or so and took my score down 100 points.

I came by here and got some info about 'first date of deliquency' and mentioned that to the collection agency (whom I made sure to never say the debts were mine because they, nor I, can prove that they actually were...some of my dads old bill tried to follow me around for some time after he died because we have the same exact name).

Anyway, they backed off immediately and got it off my report and my score returned to normal the next month.




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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

Ugh!!! I hate when that stuff happens!!!! :-/
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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

Just an update: I did get a call from the EO just before the close of business today and was told it was sent over to a different office for review.  I always assumed the EO was the highest office but not wanting to rock the boat, I just thanked her for the call and I guess I'll wait.  Did just log into the account and the CL is still $300.

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

There are 1000's of stupid laws in America that we don't need but yet they don't have one to protect us against overzealous dept collectors putting false info on our reports.
Just this last year I had two derog's on my credit reports that were not mine.  They were from people that had the same name as me.  And one of them was dead!  LOL

OP I hope that you get your CL back.  Sorry they put you thru this mess.  That sucks.

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

Update: Still waiting for a return call from the XO, but did get a CLI-Denied notice in my account yesterday Smiley who knows whats happening

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Re: Citi CLD After Payoff

FINAL word today from XO: Citi will NOT reinstate my credit line, something about a new "equation" they use.  I'll be getting a letter in the mail.  Abosolutely nothing else I can do . . at least thats what I was told...

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