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Citi CLs

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Citi CLs

Is it possible to take some of a credit limit form one card and add it to another card online?  I have 3 citicards and right now I'm only using one of them (for the 0% APR intro) and I was hoping to get a little bit of a higher limit on it.


The cards I have are:


Diamond Preferred - $5500 CL

Forward - $3000 CL

Dividend - $2200 CL


I rarely use the Dividend so I was just going to leave $500 on it and transfer $1700 to the Diamond Preferred.. if that's possible.  


I've looked at my options online and I can't find it.  Am I missing it or is it just not an option?

In My Wallet:
AMEX BCE, Citi Forward, Chase Freedom

In My Sockdrawer:
AMEX Clear, Citi Platinum Select, US Bank Platinum, J.Crew
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Re: Citi CLs

Call them... then if they say no and then later someone chimes in here, you can go back and try for someone else or get a different number, but faster to call.

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Re: Citi CLs

Last time I spoke with a Citi analyst and she told me they don't move CL from one card to another.

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