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Citi Diamond Preferred Card Invite???


Re: Citi Diamond Preferred Card Invite???

In Florida and Citi pulled Experian.

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Re: Citi Diamond Preferred Card Invite???

I received the invite in August. It was one of those "Preapproved to apply" with an invite #. I did and was approved for $9500. Not my highest CL but not bad. It came with 12 months of 0% purchase and 21 months 0% BT. I didn't see it in the initial offer but after activation Citi gave me a $30 statement credit for $300 in spending. I think my regular APR is 12.99%.


They pulled EX in Southern CA and I would guess my score would be about upper 600's. My EX is the same as my TU report with one paid collection at 5+ years but showing activity as paid from 08/10. AAoA is 2.8 years and oldest TL is 11 years. The application on-line was instant (1-2 minutes processing) approval.

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