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Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

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Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

I applied and was accepted for a Citibank Forward Card for College Students about a month ago. My main reason for getting this credit card was because of the 5 Thank You Points you'd receive for each $1 spent for restaurants,, theaters, etc. I spent about $700 within the first month, and when I got my first statement, I only received $700 Thank You Points despite most of the transactions being from Amazon and restaurants. I called Citi's customer service, and after a series of transfers, this one guy with an accent said that the mentioned 5-Thank-You-points-for-every-$1 benefit was not listed for my account. What?! I applied online, and the benefit was still mentioned here even on their website I mentioned this to them, but they kept repeating that I can only receive 1 Thank You point for every $1 spent for my account. I am furious because of their bait-and-switch antics. The only reason why I decided on this credit card was because of this benefit. From what I've read from other Citi Forward card owners, they're still receiving the 5 Thank You points benefit. Is there something from the small print that I am unaware of?

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

I posted the same issue on here about a week ago. I contacted the President's Office and they took up the matter. Yesterday I was left a voice-mail from a rep there stating that they were still working the case, that today (Friday) she would be OOO, and by Monday I should have a reply. So I will keep you posted. If I don't get my points, I am seriously thinking of taking AA (legal) against them! Like the Hulk says: "You won't like me when I'm angry." (LOL)

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

Lol, thank you for keeping me updated. I hope it works out for the both of us.

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

Don't t even call them, their CSR is very unprofessional,

I also had the same issue on last week but I fix my problem by writing the security message

Here is there reply: 


We have applied the offer to your account today. We regret that this issue occurred. 

The terms of the offer state that 4 bonus points will be awarded for every $1.00 in spending at merchants categorized as: restaurants, movie theaters, bookstores and music stores. Based on your spending to date, sales within the qualifying categories total $120.68. This resulted in 483 bonus points being applied to your account today. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the points to be reflected on your statement. 

So strongly recommend commutation by writing the security message or you just get more angry  


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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

Hey karachiken, could you clarify on what a security message is?

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

Just a guess here, but I am assuming he means a secure message through the online center. I don't have Citi personally; however, the creditors I deal with have a secure online message center.


Assuming Citi would as well.

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

This happened to me when i got my citi forward, i called their CSR to confirm my thoughts. They transferred me to a supervisor and within a couple of days he put the "promotion" onto my account along with a 3000 thank you bonus for the trouble. dont listen to everyone saying citi has crap CSR, its honestly all YMMV as i had nothing but a pleasant experience with them so far.

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Re: Citi Forward Card - 5 Thank You Points Benefit

I spend about 150-160 a week on food (restaurants, DD, wendys etc) using my forward. This past month i made 2733 points.
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