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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

I sent a secure message through the Citi site this afternoon requesting an upgrade from a Visa to a Visa Signture. I received a message that to provide the best service possible I needed to call. I just called in and the first representative was clueless. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor where I was told my account was not showing anything available for possible upgrade. She said she has heard nothing about a Visa Signature version of the Forward but was going to submit a request to another department to see if they could provide insight into if and/or when one would be available. She said that they should email or call me.

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

crunching_numbers wrote:

I can tell you for a fact that my Chase Freedom card had an $8600 CL, and was not a signature card.  Was just upgraded to signature this month.  I don't think the dollar amount of the line is involved in their decisions at all.

You're supposed to have a >$5,000 CL in order to qualify for a Visa Signature card, but having a > $5,000 CL doesn't necessarily mean you will get a Visa Signature card.

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

A little more detail: I have a $10.5k credit line on my Citi Forward card. I am still waiting to receive the card and am not sure if it has a chip or not. My current card does not have a chip. 

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

A user stated that they received the card with the signature marking but no global chip.

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

who actually received their visa sign card? upload the photo of it?

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

I assume they are giving us this card, we still will be part of the thank you network and not some other rewards plan?

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

nyancat wrote:

Still no such message here. I just requested CLI's on both my Forward cards. Now one is $5,800 and the other is $4,500. Hopefully that enables me to get a Visa Signature on the $5,800 one. I'd love to have it as a Visa Signature card for purchases of electronics on Amazon!

Can I ask why/how you have two Forward cards?

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

No changes other than adding Signature. The card looks the same but the Visa logo is all white with Signature below and no more box around it. It requires $5k+ and they are doing these upgrades in phases.

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

I received a letter from Citi today telling me that my new card will arrive shortly.  They are upgrading me to Visa Sig and also adding an EMV chip. 

What's in my wallet:

Left to right:
NPSL ($10k approved)
$5k (EMV - Chip & PIN)
$7k (Visa Sig + EMV)
$7.5k (WEMC)

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Re: Citi Forward Visa SIgnature?

I got my new Visa Signature card today. I originally had the card design with the white background and was nervous that they would only have the black design in the new Visa Signature cards, but it turns out I didn't have to worry! The card looks exactly the same except it says "Signature" under the Visa logo. I don't have an EMV chip and there was no mention of that in my letter. Wonder why some people are getting those and not others???

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