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Citi Forward denied

They pulled EX and this is the reason they gave:

As of September/2011 your credit score is 0957.  Credit
 scores range from a low of 0 to a high of 999  The Key
 factors that adversely affected your credit score are:
 o   Your credit report shows too few credit references.
 o   Your credit report shows your accounts have a low credit
 o   Your credit report shows too many accounts were opened

I guess they are looking for score of 999 based on their model :smileyhappy:


I have 1 year of credit history:

9/2010 WF Secured (CL $1000)

1/2011 CapitalOne Platinum (CL $750 (started at $500), no AF version - preapproved)

8/2011 BofA Cash Rewards (CL $2500, preapproved)


Inquiries: TU 2, EX 6, EQ 1 (before apping for Citi Forward).

I also applied for Chase Freedom on the same day before Citi Forward and they approved me for $6000 CL.

I closed WF Secured yesterday as they ware not going to graduate it after 1 year and I was not willing to pay AF.

I guess I'll try Priceline 2% VISA now before Chase Freedom reports screwing my already low AAoA.

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Re: Citi Forward denied

1yr of credit history and you got approved by Chase for $6000? WOW!! That is a rare case and congrats! Chase is a very conservative should be happy and garden. With 1 yr of credit history and a new CL from Chase for 6K, you are not going to get more lenders committing to you, unless you have a big salary or HHI. Garden for 6 months than app for another card you want....GL.

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Re: Citi Forward denied

Which backdoor number should I call for recon?

Citi: 888-201-4523 (New App Approval Status)?

I figure it's worth giving it a try.

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Re: Citi Forward denied

im surprised chase gave you a decent limit, but citi nothing. i assumed chase was harder to get in with than citi. 


kind of lame since i want the forward in about a year, and i would have similar credit history to you(in a year probably $750 cap1, $1000+ amazon store, $2000 Boa). maybe ill wait until 18 months of history and some more CLIs. 


let us know how it goes when you talk to citi on the phone. i would definitely mention the fact that chase game you $6000 freedom, but they might need to see it report on your credit reports.

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Re: Citi Forward denied

Recon did not work. Tried 2 times, asked for supervisor the second time.

They said I should wait a year and let my accounts age.

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Re: Citi Forward denied

They probably denied you mainly due to the amount of inq u have

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