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Citi Help

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Citi Help

I am sorry to ask this question again, but I didn't get any responses on my last thread. I think it may have been too wordy. I will strive for brevity this time.  Smiley Happy


I keep getting the "preselected" Citi Simplicity apps.  I know this is not a guarantee.  I am attracted to the BT, as I have about $1800 across a couple of cards that I would like to move.


I got a CLI from Chase Freedom last week, but it was on a recon.  I also got approved for a CSP, but also on a recon.  Because of that, I know I have two baddies (a tax lien that has been satisfied by the actual responsible party!) and a 30 day late that HSBC refuses to remove, despite them acknowledging that it wasn't a deliberate late (but not in writing, of course).  Chase reviewed manually.  I have heard that Citi will not do this.


BUT I actually have a good relationship with Citi; my Home Depot card is underwritten by them and I have gotten several auto CLIs.  My limit is $7200 and I am using very little of that.


Any success stories out there?  I am about to go into the garden; this is my first app spree, if you can even call it that, in 2 years.  I want to app now if I am going to to keep it all in the same time frame, but I am really scared.  Any positive stories or words of caution would help. I am particularly interested in those who got Citi with a couple of baddies.


I am at a MyFico EQ 689, Credit Sesame Experian 724, and a My Fico TU 698 (CK Fako 705). Household income is $110k; personal income is a little more than half of that.


WOW! EQ when I joined myFICO: 657. Ups and downs and a few bumps and bruises, but finally back over 700. Whew!

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