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Citi Platinum Select Mastercard Pre-approval

Citi Platinum Select Mastercard Pre-approval

So I've been rebuilding and I'm not planning on pulling the trigger but I was surprised to see this in the mail today.


I was pre-approved for a Citi Platinum Select Mastercard with an intro 0% for 15 months and 12.99, 14.99 or 16.99 APR after that. 


Here's how my credit looks at the moment

Cap 1 $500 (opened 8/2010)

Orchard Bank $300 (opened 6/2010)

Banana Republic $300 (opened 9/2010)

Bank of America $600 (authorized user, opened 09/2009)

Victoria Secret $200 (opened 2006, 3 lates back in 2007)

Student Loan $13,625 (not in repayment yet)

Cap 1 $500 (CO, closed and paid)

Express (closed but shows as CO, is being updated by Express to remove the lates and show as paid but no SW yet)

Asset Acceptance $418 (for the Express Account but is being removed because it was paid previously to Express in 2008, again no SW yet)


As of yesterday my EQ FICO was 632. Last time I checked my TU FICO about 3 months ago it was 570 but I am waiting till the Express account and collection fall off to pull that score again.


I know with these baddies still on I would never try for a Citi card but I am again just surprised to even see the pre-approval letter. 


Starting Scores (January 2010): TU: 501, EQ: 517, EX: ?

Current Scores: TU: 695 (3/4/11), EQ: 653 (4/17/11), EX: 658 (2/19/11 via US Bank pull for loan)

Goal: 700
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