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Citi Platinum Select and Citi Diamond Preferred cards

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Re: Citi Platinum Select and Citi Diamond Preferred cards

I have essentially both cards. My first Citi card was the Diamond Platinum Rewards Amex, and with mid 700 scores they gave me $3200 and with a CLI I'm up to $4400. Interest is high on that unlike any other cards I have at 20.99%, since the 0% has ended recently. I got the Dividend Platinum Select card a couple months ago and they gave me a limit of $5100. I was happy with that, especially with it being my second Citi card. It has 16.99% apr which is ok compared to my others which range from 11.24-16.24. The Platinum card sure is ugly though if you care about aesthetics. My DPR card is being converted into a thankyou card and since the DP card that is offered now has no rewards, check the ThankYou card starting bonuses. On that card I recieved a $100 gift card on my signup points. If I were you, I'd app for the Dividend card because you can build up copious amounts of cash back if that is your thing, yet $300 is the cap per year.....GOOD LUCK!!!
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Re: Citi Platinum Select and Citi Diamond Preferred cards

I was recently approved for a Citi Diamond Preferred MC. They completely lowballed me with a CL of only $1200.00. I asked for a CLI upon activation, but they said I had to wait 6 months before they would consider. I have CL's of $10k-$20k.

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