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Citi Prescreened Offers

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Citi Prescreened Offers

I don't get it why do I keep getting these offers and then when I apply I'm denied. Does anyone else have these same things happen to them??? I haven't applied because I know my credit is not where it should be as of yet. Work in progress......
Fico=642 Exp=680(perCU) TU=660
Goal=anything over my current scores,,,,,,
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Re: Citi Prescreened Offers

The offers are from marketing indicating that you meet the basic requirements. Card issuers may use a credit reporting agency to make firm offers of credit to consumers whose credit histories meet the criteria asked for by the card issuer (for example, a minimum credit score). This does not mean the credit card issuer must provide you with a credit card. You must still apply. Once you apply, the card issuer can review your application and other information, such as an updated credit report, to determine whether your credit history still meets the criteria it asked for and whether you meet any additional criteria (such as sufficient income to pay the debt) that were in place at the time it made the offer.

If the application does not meet the credit requirements then they will decline the offer to extend credit.
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