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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

vAirGo7 wrote:

ya..they keep sending me Diamond and AA visa offers in my mailbox....they need to stop printing the the trees!! :smileytongue:

Perhaps they know you are sensitive to saving trees. They may be doing this, so you get their card, just to save the trees.


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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

Looking thru yesterdays mail, oh look an offer from.....Guess Who???  Citi bank.


It's a green envelope this time, with 0% for18 months and after that 13.99% variable apr.


What?? 3days ago it was 21 months and after that 11.99% variable apr, for the TY CC.

What are they thinking??:smileyfrustrated:

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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

Everybody always gets the good offers :smileytongue: my citi one is for the TYP, but seems to be a preselected since it gives a variable rate of 12.99%-22.99% "based on creditworthiness".


No points, just a 0% for 18 months offer on purchases and balance transfers :/ don't plan on biting for new cards anyway, but c'mon, give me some good sign up bonuses if you want to tempt me :smileywink:

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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

Shogun wrote:

Get them constantly.  In fact, they're one of my shredder's favorite flavors.  :smileyhappy:

Yeah, but your shredder probably doesn't like the sticky glue they like to use in their mailings.

That's my second annoyance with these things, after the identity theft issue.

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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

Citi bombs my mailbox too...but only for preapprovals for the Diamond Preferred, which is worthless to me.  The only way they can get my attention is if they send me a really awesome AAdvantage offer.  I wanna see at least 50k miles! :-p

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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

I know how you feel.

I get on average two invites for the B.O.A. 1-2-3 card every week. . .

I would never do business with them for multiple reasons so it's rather annoying to open the mailbox and find them.
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Re: Citi will not leave me alone....................

I don't understand Citi. I been getting all these good offers lately with rewards and sign up bonuses, but Citi still always just sends me the same lame offer over and over. No rewards or sign up bonuses just a basic CC. Back when I actually wanted a Citi card, they didn't want anything to do with me (=
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